5 Freeway re-opens after shutting down through Grapevine due to snow

Saturday, December 31, 2016 11:52PM
The 5 Freeway re-opened through the Grapevine after being closed due to snow.

GORMAN, Calif. - The 5 Freeway has re-opened after being shut down through the Grapevine due to snow, according to authorities.

California Highway Patrol said the freeway was re-opened and that officers were escorting drivers northbound at Parker Road in Gorman and southbound at Laval road.

Officials closed the freeway at about 7 p.m. due to snowy conditions. Thousands of drivers spent hours of their New Year's Eve at a standstill.

"We were supposed to be at a family gathering tonight, but apparently we're going to spend it on the road due to the closure now," Daniel Virgen from Fresno said.

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