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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews 'Morning Glory,' 'Unstoppable,' and 'Skyline'

Rachel McAdams in a production still from 'Morning Glory.' (Paramount Pictures)

Happy weekend everybody! Lots of action in theaters, an alien invasion, a runaway train, plus, a comedy that highlights the dysfunction of a morning TV news show.

Yes, the world of morning television is about to get a makeover in "Morning Glory."

Rachel McAdams plays a just-fired just hired news producer whose last chance is turning around a national morning show called "Day Break."

It's a dysfunctional show with dismal ratings, bickering anchors and over-worked staff. When McAdams takes over, she throws a hail Mary by bringing in an over the hill ? legendary but cantankerous old school news man played by Harrison Ford. Also starring are Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson And Jeff Goldblum.

The Reel Deal: Other than Rachel McAdams, there's really no reason to tune into "Morning Glory", a big, formula studio comedy that should be cancelled. Im out.

Movin' on with the speed of a locomotive, based on "real events", there's a runaway train packed with explosive materials barreling down the tracks in "Unstoppable."

The train with no brakes and no one at the controls is headed straight for a curve that will surely derail it and possibly take out an entire town.

Now, it's up to veteran engineer Denzel Washington and Rookie Chris Pine to stop the bomb on wheels before it's too late.

The Reel Deal: Let's face it, a runaway train movie had a very good chance of just being a train wreck, but this is far from it. Hey, it's not unstoppable, but manages to build drama. It's action packed and a hell of a ride, so I'm in.

Ok, ready or not, another alien invasion movies hits theaters. This one is called "Skyline."

Bright lights descend from the sky in Los Angeles and other major cities across the world and as people are drawn outside to witness the phenomenon, they realize it's the beginning of an alien invasion. As in most extraterrestrial takeovers, the humans make a last stand against the invaders.

The Reel Deal: Well, no screening for critics probably means that skyline is as bad as its title and will experience a quick sunset. I'm out.

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