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OTRC: Bristol Palin says she 'thankful to have made it this far' on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas talks week 9 of 'Dancing With the Stars' following their performance.

Bristol Palin has made the final four on "Dancing With the Stars" and addressed rumors on the show that fans of her mom, Sarah Palin, and Tea Party supporters have kept her on the show. Now in the final stretch of the competition, Palin can see her progress.

"This means so much to me. I think I've really grown as a person and become so much more confident through this whole experience and have had such the time of my life," she says. "I'm blessed to be here. I'm blessed to have opportunities like this show and to have fans out there that keep voting us in and I'm just thankful to have made it this far."

Her partner Mark Ballas also debunks the Tea Party rumor saying, "Several fans said to me is, 'I am a democrat and I vote for Bristol every week. Because of her journey, because I relate to her. I'm a normal person. I come home to my normal family and I turn on the TV. And I know if I entered the competition, that's exactly how I would be.' And I think that's awesome."

"I'm very relatable. I'm very real," Palin says. "I'm very raw and people relate to that." She promises her fans that if she makes it to the finals she will give, "more intensity, more personality, more confidence."

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