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OTRC: Mila Kunis slimmed down to 95 lbs. for 'Black Swan' role

Mila Kunis in a production still from the film 'Black Swan'. (Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures)

The pressures of portraying a ballerina took a toll on Mila Kunis' body while she was filming her role in the upcoming film, "Black Swan."

Kunis says that after the conditioning and training she underwent for her role in the film, she dropped down to 95 lbs. It not only changed her body dramatically but also affected her perception of beauty. "...at 95 pounds, I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like, 'Oh my God'," she said according to E! News. "All you saw was bone. I was like, This looks gross."

The actress says she can see why the entertainment industry is warped in terms of actress' ideal body size. "In real life, it looked disgusting, but in photographs and on film, it looked amazing," she said.

Kunis says she's back to a healthy weight, "It took me five months to lose 20 pounds, but it took me just five days -- days -- to gain it all back."

The actress trained for three months prior to the filming the movie to learn ballet for the role and called ballet "the most excruciating sports that I've ever been a part of."

"I say sports because they train constantly, every single day. Your body changes. Your shoulders drop, your chest opens up and there's a certain posture that I don't naturally have because I slouch. So, for three months, I had to constantly stand up straight," she tells Collider. "And he way that they hold their arms, because they're always moving their fingers while they're dancing, also changes the way that they talk in real life. And the feet are different because of the ballet shoes. There are a lot of little things."

In the film, directed by Darren Aronofsky of "The Wrestler", Natalie Portman plays Nina, who is picked to play the lead in a New York City production of the ballet Swan Lake, while being pushed to succeed by an overbearing mother.

Meanwhile, manipulative dance master Korolyevna, played by Vincent Cassel, tells her she should play the part more seductively. Kunis stars as Lilly, a dancer who has more of the characteristics that Korolyevna seeks; She and Nina become both rivals and friends, while Nina later suspects Lilly has begun to stalk her.

Kunis, a 27-year-old actress who was born in what is now Ukraine and who also grew up in the United States, is known for her roles on "That 70's Show," "Family Guy" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

Portman and Kunis are also good friends, which Kunis says made the same sex love scene in "Black Swan" a little easier. "Anytime you do any intimate scene on film, it's going to be a little uncomfortable, whether it's the same sex or the opposite sex," Kunis tells Collider. "The great thing about this is that Natalie and I were actually lucky enough to be friends prior to production, which made it all a lot easier. We didn't really discuss it very much. We just kind of did it."

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