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OTRC: Jared Leto says Thirty Seconds to Mars video 'banned' from TV

A production still from the 30 Seconds to Mars video for 'Hurricane'. (EMI Records)

There are a lot of things censors let slide by on today's television standards but apparently the latest Thirty Seconds to Mars video for "Hurricane" was too racy for the small screen.

That's according to the band's front man and actor Jared Leto who tells Entertainment Weekly, "We always knew there would be some images that would have a tough time getting through, but we didn't expect this kind of pushback that we're getting now."

The video, which is more like a short film with an original running time of 20 minutes, had already been edited down for television standards. On Monday, Leto posted a rejection notice the band received from an unnamed network on his blog which included mentions of specific scene deemed too offensive to air because they were too violent or sexual.

"I'm not interested in provocation for provocation's sake," Let told the magazine. "I just think it's interesting that when you turn on the news or whatever else catches your interest, how much violence and negativity is available out there. As soon as it comes time for sexuality, it's a big shock that people are sexual beings. It's an interesting double standard to me."

An alternate version of the song includes a collaboration with rapper Kanye West, who recently premiered his own short film music video "Runaway" to solid reviews. West, however, was not involved in the current "Hurricane" video but Leto says the opportunity is still open. "I've sent him some images and some clips. We're still plotting and planning, so you never know," Leto said.

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