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OTRC: Milli Vanilli's Fab Morvan makes comeback with new group SMFM - video

Fab Morvan of pop group Milli Vanilli appears in the music video 'Twisted' for new group SMFM in 2010. (myspace.com/video/fabmorvan)

Milli Vanilli singer Fab Morvan is making a pop culture comeback with a new group, more than 20 years after his old pop duo's lip-synching scandal made international headlines.

Morvan, a 44-year-old French singer, is the surviving member of Milli Vanilli, which was popular for the 1980s hit "Girl, You Know It's True". He released a solo album in 2003 and now performs with DJ Sean McCaff as part of a new Electronica music duo SMFM, which combines their initials and stands for "Supplying Mirages For Mankind".

Milli Vanilli sold more than 7 million copies of their debut album by the same name and won a Grammy in 1990. It was revoked after it was revealed other singers had provided the vocals on the record. Milli Vanilli was also found to have lip-synched during stage performances. Morvan's colleague, Rob Pilatus, died of a drug overdose in 1998.

"We never went into this project knowingly that we were not going to sing," Morvan told Australia's Channel 9 News recently. "We had the youth, we had the drive, we had the talent but the producer already had something built, he built this trap and we just fell into the trap. You just go with the flow and you have no choice. They have the power."

"I always said to myself, whenever this happens, I'm going to have to take the pieces put them back together and move forward," he added. "You only have so many chances to do your thing. You have to make sure all your ducks are lined up properly and they are right now. Life is made of ups and downs and it's up to you to be as strong as possible. It's all about the dreams. Be happy in the meantime."

Check out SMFM's video for the song "Twisted".