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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews 'TRON: Legacy,' 'Yogi Bear' and 'How Do You Know'

Jeff Bridges is shown in a scene from 2010 Disney film, 'TRON: Legacy.' (Walt Disney Pictures)

We're a week away from Christmas. So are the movie studios giving us any early movie presents or should we just be happy with what we already have?

A 1980s science fiction movie gets a 21st century facelift with "TRON: Legacy." In this high-tech 3D adventure, a man is looking into the disappearance of his computer whiz father (played by Jeff Bridges) who's been missing for 25 years. When he discovers his dad is stuck in the digital world of "TRON," what follows is a dangerous journey to try and escape the grid.

The Reel Deal:The first "TRON" was a CGI pioneer, and as far as we've come, I was struck by the marginal visual effects and wasted 3D. Add a crummy script, and "TRON:Legacy" transports us to a world we've never seen and don't want to. I'm out.

There's more 3D as a classic TV cartoon character comes to the big screen in "Yogi Bear." Dan Aykroyd stars as the voice of the famous picnic basket stealing bear. Justin Timberlake voices Yogi's partner in crime, Boo-Boo. But the duo known for stealing campers' lunches is facing a new challenge, the possible sale and shutdown of their beloved home, Jellystone Park.

The Reel Deal: OK, I've never been a big fan of the live action CGI mash up and "Yogi Bear" is a major boo boo. I'm out.

An ensemble cast with some Oscar winners is looking for laughs in the romantic comedy "How Do You Know." Reese Witherspoon plays a professional softball player who's been cut from her team. Now, she's learning how to be a player off the field, ending up in a love triangle with a major league pitcher, played by Owen Wilson, and a corporate executive, played by Paul Rudd.

Jack Nicholson also stars as Rudd's father.

The Reel Deal: I expected better from director James L. Brooks ("Broadcast News", "As Good as It Gets"). So how do you know when a movie is just another been there done that, cookie-cutter romantic comedy? Two words, Wilson and Witherspoon. I'm out.

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