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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone runs down his favorite 5 movies of 2010

A scene from the 2010 film, 'Piranha 3D.' (Dimension Films, Gene Page)

There are no new wide releases in theaters this weekend, so I thought I'd take a look back at some of the great movies that have been in theaters and run down my favorite five movies of 2010.

At number 5, a movie that I'm sure you didn't think would be showing up on any top 5 lists... "Piranha 3D." Pushing the limits of taste and the uses of 3D technology, "Piranha 3D" delivered exactly what it promised: ridiculously gratuitous gore, nudity, and fun.

And if you got one of those new fancy 3D TV sets for Christmas, catch "Piranha 3D" on DVD.

Number 4 on my list is the dark tale of a dancer gone over the edge in "Black Swan." Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis star in this Darren Aronofsky-directed film that takes us to the edge of sanity with a crazy mix of drama, horror, and certainly one of the best performances of the year from Portman.

"Black Swan" is in theaters now.

At number 3, one of the most visceral movie experiences that I've ever had in a theater came from James Franco in "127 Hours." Based on the true story of adventure seeker Aron Ralston, director Danny Boyle and actor James Franco manage to keep us riveted to the screen with a movie about one man stuck in a dark cave. No small feat, or arm, if you will.

Franco is guaranteed an Oscar nomination with his gut wrenching performance. "127 Hours" is in theaters now.

Coming in at number 2 on my favorite five list, if you want us to be friends, then you better have seen "The Social Network." Following the rise of the world's most popular social networking site and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, rarely do we get a movie that's so engaging and relevant to our times.

It sends a great message to kids that with a hoodie, a computer and some drive you can become a bazillionaire. Plus, there are great performances from the entire cast.

My favorite movie of 2010: go to infinity and beyond with "Toy Story 3." Maybe it's because I have a kid going off to college, maybe it's because I'm just a big sap, but "Toy Story 3" had everything I want in a movie. It's funny, smart, emotional and beautifully animated.

Some of this year's best films were animated films and "Toy Story 3" is certainly at the top of that or any list.

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