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OTRC: Andrew Garfield cried when he first put on 'Spider-Man' suit

Andrew Garfield appears on stage in July 2010 after being announced as the new 'Spider-Man' in a film reboot set for release in 2011. (Santiago Gonzales Sanchez / Columbia Tristar Marketing Group)

Andrew Garfield says he cried when he first put on his "Spider-Man" costume and adds that he has begun to film the latest comic film reboot, which stars Emma Stone, Denis Leary and Rhys Ifans.

Garfield, a 27-year-old U.S. and British dual citizen who sports a natural British accent, recently earned a Golden Globe Award nomination for his part as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's ex-partner Eduardo in "The Social Network."

Stone also earned a nod for her role in the comedy film "Easy A." In Spider-Man, set for release in 3D in July 2012, she plays Gwen Stacy, the love interest of Spider-Man's alter-ego, Peter Parker. Leary, a comedian who stars in the FX series "Rescue Me," plays her father. Ifans stars as the villain, The Lizard, aka Dr. Curt Connors.

"I've worn the suit," Garfield told the UK radio station Capital FM. "I've looked in the mirror while wearing the suit. Dude, it's bizarre. I have to kind of not look at my face because it doesn't make sense to me. I have to imagine that it's a much better actor's face in that suit. I won't lie - I shed a tear when I first wore the spandex. I didn't think the spandex would make me so emotional but it did."

"We've had two weeks of shooting so far," he said. "I've been lucky enough to work with Denis Leary and Emma Stone and I've hung out with Rhys Ifans a little bit. I'm just in heaven. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I feel like one lucky boy, I'll tell you."

Spider-Man possesses great power and responsibility to protect the innocent. Garfield said he has a different type of duty - to make sure he can continue to fit in his costume.

"I have to keep watching what I eat and I love eating the worst things," he said. "It's really, really hard. I have to stay trim. My dad's a swimming coach so I kind of rebelled against that when I was very young. So it takes someone to really crack a whip hard to keep me in line."

Garfield told BBC News that Tobey Maguire, who played "Spider-Man" in a recent trilogy of movies directed by Sam Raimi, sent him a "lovely" message of support.

"It meant a great deal ,of course, because part of the reason why I've continued to love this character was because of his portrayal," Garfield said. "It was generous of him to reach out and say something."

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