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OTRC: 'The Bachelor' season 15 premiere recap and spoilers - contestants get slap-happy

'The Bachelor' season 15 promotional photo (ABC)

Brad Womack, 38, is back on season 15 of "The Bachelor" after famously being the first bachelor in the show's history to reject all of the 25 bachelorettes in season 11. The season opens with the mostly topless Womack insisting that he has changed after three years of therapy to deal with issues, including commitment phobia.

"My biggest fear is that these women are simply not going to believe that I'm a new man," Womack admits to the camera. And the bachelor is rightfully fearful that the 30 new contestants will be skeptical.

Iin the premiere, he's forced to answer for his sins, not only to the new women but also to Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas, the two finalists from season 11, who returned to give Womack a piece of their minds. After the jump get ready for a few spoilers!

"I'm so happy to be given this chance," Womack announced early in the show, "I've done a lot of soul-searching and I know in my heart that I'm ready to fall in love." The bar owner told The Associated Press that he does indeed fall in love this season.

"I've like to think I've changed immensely," Womack said in an interview with ABC. "Last time, I obviously walked away empty-handed. It allowed me to do some pretty extensive self-reflection and kind of grow up a little bit, mature a little bit and realize that if I keep having these walls and so on and so forth, I'm just going to end up alone." But his excitement is not without doubts, Womack admits that he has some abandonment issues from his relationship with his father.

Before he even meets the new girls, Jenni and DeAnna come out and offered warm hugs to Womack which were followed by a profoundly awkward conversation. After Womack offered a sincere apology, both women admit they were wary of him returning to the show and warned Womack that once the women realize that he is their bachelor, their shields will go up immediately.

A handful of the 30 bachelorettes are introduced during the show , but make sure to check out photos of all of the women in our photo gallery. A few highlights included Madison, the model from Brooklyn who had vampire fangs implanted, Shawntel, the funeral director, and Ashley, the dancing dentist. Within the first 20 minutes, one of the ladies said that she's "not here to make friends."

As soon as the first limo arrives, Brad immediately gets slapped "for all the women of America" and told that he's hated by America. Not so long after, Brad gets his butt grabbed and seems to cheer up a bit. A lot of the women offer their immediate forgiveness but acknowledge that Womack has a lot of explaining to do.

The women immediately voice their concerns to each other about whether or not Brad Womack is actually going to pick a woman this season and one-by-one asks for an explanation. Womack denies that Jenni and DeAnna were wrong for him, insisting instead that he was just not ready to make that kind of commitment but that he is ready now.

In one of the more confusing come-ons, contestant Raichel who is a "manscaper" decides to wax Womack's wrist and talks about waxing "the undercarriage." Another contestant, Alli, asks Womack if he can "handle" the size of her behind by sticking her butt in his face. The women start "stealing" Brad away from each other and throwing around the b-word. Mini cat fights ensued.

Brad gave his first impression rose to Ashley S., a nanny who had told Brad earlier in the show that no matter what happened that she wanted to be his friend and that he could talk to her when he needed to get away.

During the first rose ceremony, 10 of the 30 women were sent home and as always, it was very dramatic with plenty of side-eye glares and tearing up. Most of the real characters on the show received roses, aside from the woman who kissed Womack upon first meeting and the woman who had Brad "stolen" away from her.

There were some tearful exit speeches so soon in the game, so this should continue to be a dramatic season. The show closed with a montage of kissing, Costa Rica, cliff-diving, South Africa, a suggested shark attack, some shoving, a black eye, fireworks, helicopters and what appears to be a very dramatic conclusion, which was aided by a live performance by Seal singing "Kiss from a Rose."

During the show, this season was named "the most controversial season of 'The Bachelor' ever" and it looks like that might not be an exaggeration.