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OTRC: Mega Millions lottery: 'LOST' numbers win

Jorge Garcia, who plays 'Hurley,' appears in a promotional 2010 photo for 'LOST.'

More than 16,000 people who played the Mega Millions lottery and chose "cursed" numbers Hurley famously used in a winning ticket on the hit ABC mystery drama show "LOST" won $150 on Tuesday.

Hurley, played by Jorge Garcia, had chosen 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 - a sequence revealed to him by a mental patient. After he won $114 million, his luck changed for the worse - his grandfather died, his mother's house caught on fire and he was a passenger on a crashed flight that was the central point of the series.

The winning numbers in the Mega Millions drawing were 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and 42 - meaning that four of them were Hurley's.

"When will you people ever learn?" Garcia wrote on his blog on Wednesday, linking to the website of the Mega Millions lottery. "The Number[s] Are Bad!"

"LOST," one of ABC's highest-rated shows, depicted the aftermath of a plane crash on an island that possessed mysterious powers and ended last year after six seasons.

One ticket purchased in Idaho and another in Washington contained all six of the winning lottery numbers and their buyers are set to split $355 million. Sixty-seven people who matched five numbers will win $250,000 each. The 16,176 people who got four winning numbers will each get $150. About 2.8 million people who chose one correct number can redeem their winning tickets for $2.

A DVD collection of the complete "LOST" series retails on Amazon.com for just under $150.