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OTRC: Natalie Portman says you'll get the bang for your buck, 'literally' with 'No Strings Attached'

Natalie Portman talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com at the Hollywood premiere of 'No Strings Attached.'

Natalie Portman talked to OnTheRedCarpet.com at the premiere of her new movie, "No Strings Attached," which comes out on January 21. The recently engaged starlet talked about the differences between the comedy and her Golden Globe nominated movie, "Black Swan."

In her newest role, Portman plays Emma, a busy young woman who enters into an agreement with her life-long friend (Ashton Kutcher) to embark on a sex-based relationship with 'no strings attached', as long as no one falls in love. This is obviously a far departure from the actress' dark role in "Black Swan."

"These are the kinds of movies that I want to see," Natalie said. "They're entertaining, you get in the movie theater and you go for a ride. This one is obviously funny and 'Black Swan' is not funny at all. But I think it's got that same sort of... you get your bang for your buck, literally."

Portman said recently that she is "indescribably happy" about her pregnancy and engagement to her "Black Swan" co-star Benjamin Millepied, who she met last spring.

Ashton Kutcher remarked at the premiere that he is 14-inches taller than Portman, to which the actress quipped, "He's adding inches I think, but lots of guys do."

Portman's next movie is the new medieval comedy, "Your Highness" where she plays alongside James Franco and Danny McBride, which is to be released on April 8, 2011. She will also play Thor's love interest, Jane Foster in "Thor" which comes out on May 6, 2011.

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