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OTRC: Dolly Parton turns 65, says she thinks like a man

Dolly Parton, who turns 65 on Wednesday, says that while she may look like a woman, she thinks like a man.

The country singer, who spurred the hit song "9 to 5" and has been open about plastic surgery performed on her breasts, lips and eyes, also says that she has throughout the years learned to deal with male attention.

"I never took offense at certain things," Parton told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper. "I understood early on that I was a girl, and I liked it. And I had six brothers, so I knew how men acted - they are naturally horny, while women want to be selective, though they get pissed off if men don't find them attractive."

"I just learned how to deal with men in a smart and clever way," added Parton, who has 11 siblings in total. "I never slept with anyone I didn't want to sleep with, and if a man paid me attention I took it as a compliment. After all, I put myself out there with all the hair and the makeup. But while I look like a woman, I think like a man."

"9 to 5" is a 1980 comedy film starring Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, which deals with three working women who get even with their sexist, egotistical boss.

The movie was made into a Broadway musical that ran between April and September of 2009. The production is currently on a national tour and is currently running in Chicago. Parton has occasionally made surprise appearances at the shows, which feature Diana DeGarmo, an "American Idol" finalist.

"I am the face of the clock," Parton told the Chicago Tribune newspaper. "I talk about the 1970s over the vamp of '9 to 5.' I just like being able to welcome people to the show."

The country singer, who began her music career in the 1960s, is keeping busy this year. She is set to release her 43rd studio album, "Better Day, in several months and preparing for a world tour.

Parton is also filming the movie "Joyful Noise" with Queen Latifah, which sees the two playing women who team up to try and stop a small-town gospel choir from shutting down. The film is due for release in January 2012.