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OTRC: Donald Trump admits he's 'seriously thinking' of running for President in 2012- would you vote for him?

Donald Trump in a still from 'The Apprentice.' (NBC Universal/Ali Goldstein)

Donald Trump said on 'Piers Morgan Tonight' on Wednesday that he is "seriously considering" running for President of the United States.

The business mogul and reality star of "The Apprentice" said that he would make a decision on the matter by June of this year.

"The country is doing really poorly, it just can't do much worse, we're not respected anywhere in the world," Trump told Morgan. "I'm seriously thinking about it. I won't make a decision until June but I will make a decision and it may surprise people, frankly... I love this country, I hate what's happened to this country - we're a laughing stock across the world. We're not respected."

Morgan won season seven of "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2008 and had the opportunity to get to know Trump as a businessman and boss. Morgan believes that Trump will run for president.

"I have a funny feeling that you are going to run," Piers said to Trump, "because I think you think your time may have come and there's an opportunity for you, particularly with the Republicans in certain disaray, you know you have Sarah Palin and you have the moderates and there will be a middle ground for you to storm through, if you wanted to do that."

Trump also talked about what he would change if he were to become presidency, namely regarding the U.S.'s business relationship with China.

"The first thing I would do would is announce very strongly that we're going to tax Chinese products, a 25% tax on all Chinese products," Trump said. ""I see them as the enemy. They want to take over this country economically. They are not really out-competing. They are cheating. And we have people who don't know what to do, because we have the wrong people in office."

In October, Trump said that he was "thinking about" running for presidency and mentioned that many people have asked him to do it.

"A lot of people have asked me to do it and until recently I would have no interest," Trump said in October. "The U.S. is a great country and it's not doing as well as it should. It could be doing much better and I think, with proper leadership, it would do unbelievably well."

Trump had suggested running as a Republican in 1988 and eyed a presidential bid with the Reform Party in 1999, ABC News said, adding that in 2007, he floated the idea of making talk show host Oprah Winfrey, now the world's most powerful celebrity, his running mate.

Since 2008, Trump has contributed more than $25,000 to campaigns of Democratic politicians and more than $2,000 to former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, public records show. In 2004, he donated funds to campaigns of both former President George W. Bush, a Republican, and to Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Would you vote Donald Trump for President?

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