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OTRC: Piers Morgan believes in Charlie Sheen's 'right to party' - See video

Piers Morgan appears on 'Conan' with Conan O'Brien on March 1, 2011. (TBS)

Piers Morgan's buzzed about interview with Charlie Sheen on Monday helped his CNN show, "Piers Morgan Tonight," reach its highest ratings with 1.3 million viewers since the show launched in January with 2.1 million.

Morgan, who recently claimed he was the one who suggested Sheen join Twitter, talked about his experience interviewing Sheen and defends the actor's "right to party" during his appearance on "Conan" on Tuesday.

"I felt over that hour you got a picture of that guy who would actually like to be left alone. He believes quite strongly that nothing he does in his private life has any impact on his show and he's got an argument. I mean the show is the number one comedy in the country, he's the highest paid star in American television," Morgan told host Conan O'Brien. "And as he puts it 'What's going on here? Why do we have to be cancelled or suspended when I just like to have the odd party?' And whether you agree with him morally or not, I think he has a point."

He adds, "I believe fundamentally in a man's right to party if he wants to."

Morgan also revealed that Sheen gave him the paper with his drug test results and that the actor signed it with the message, "To Piers, let's get hammered. Love, Charlie."

The talk show host also took to Twitter to compliment Sheen on his massive follower count on the social networking site. "Time to doff my cap to @charliesheen who is about to overtake my follower count in ONE day with THREE tweets. New King Of Twitter #amazing," Morgan wrote on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Sheen claims in a recent Tweet that he's "Still Winning." The actor's media blitz also helped "20/20" with a ratings boost. The news magazine program, which aired their hour-long interview with Sheen on Tuesday, nabbed 9.2 million viewers giving the program its highest ratings in two years, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out Piers Morgan interview with Conan O'Brien below.

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