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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews 'The Adjustment Bureau,' 'Rango' and 'Take Me Home Tonight'

Actors Matt Damon and Emily Blunt appear in the 2011 film, 'The Adjustment Bureau.' (Universal Pictures)

This week at the movies, Matt Damon is being controlled by a higher power and Johnny Depp is wearing a cowboy hat and tiny little boots in "Rango."

In an animated adventure, Rango is a family pet who gets bounced out of the car and wanders into an extremely odd western town. Sensing the town needs a leader, he becomes the new sheriff and takes the town back from a gang of villains.

The Reel Deal: Truly a chameleon, Depp conquers animation as Rango in an amazing-looking, quirky movie that seems to fit him like a glove. As much for parents as it is for the kids, you'll like Rango. It's weird, but you'll like it. I'm in. (P.S. There is some peril, so it might be scary for the younger kids.)

Matt Damon steps into familiar territory in the new conspiracy flick "The Adjustment Bureau."

Damon is a rising politician who falls for a beautiful ballerina (played by Emily Blunt). But the closer he tries to get to her, the more he battles "The Adjustment Bureau," a group of men from a "higher order" that control everyone's fate. He risks his life and Blunt's to change the course of their carefully-crafted destinies.

The Reel Deal: If you believe your destiny is pre-ordained, then you were not meant to see "The Adjustment Bureau," a corny, "Inception" wannabe. I'm out.

It's time to party 80s style in "Take Me Home Tonight."

Topher Grace is an MIT grad and a disappointment who doesn't know what to do with himself. But when his hot high school crush invites him to an epic party, it's a chance to break out of his slump, get the girl and change his life.

The Reel Deal: Wanting to be a "Post Grad," "Superbad" and 90 minutes of 80s clichés does not a good movie make. So unless you're ridin' the Bartles & Jaymes, "take me home tonight?" Not so much. I'm out.

Also in theaters this weekend is "Beastly," the edgy, teenage take on the classic "Beauty and the Beast." Really?

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