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OTRC: 'Rango,' Johnny Depp's animated flick, wins Friday's box office

Rango, voiced by Johnny Depp, in a still from the 2011 movie, 'Rango.' (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

"Rango," Johnny Depp's conputer-animated flick has won Friday's Box Office with $9.8 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Matt Damo and Emily Blunt's romantic thriller "The Adjustment Bureau" ranks second in the box office, pulling in $6.7 million on Friday. Vanessa Hudgen's "Beastly" is doing better than expected, earning an estimated $3.5 million so far.

In "Rango," Depp does the voice of a pet chameleon named Rango, who lives in a terrarium and aspires to be a swashbuckling hero suddenly finds himself in a Western town full of bandits. When Rango accidentally kills a giant eagle, the town elects him sheriff and he is forced to become a real hero.

Characters in the movie were also voiced by Isla Fisher, Bill Nighy and Abigail Breslin.

The actors did the voices in the same sound booth, using props and costumes, allowing them to interact. Isla Fisher talked to OnTheRedCarpet.com at the premiere about the process.

"We filmed this like it was a play or a live-action movie," Fisher told OnTheRedCarpet.com. "We got to react off of each other and wear props and carry fake guns and it was so much fun. I think so much of acting is re-acting and thankfully, we weren't just in a sound booth alone."

At the Hollywood premiere, Depp said that it was nice to do a movie that his kids could actually see, since some of his movies are less family-friendly.

"I wanna do any movie that my kids can watch," Depp told OnTheRedCarpet.com. "I've done a number that I'm afraid I don't want them to see until they're 35 or 40, so, yeah, it's nice to do something that they can see."

The Wrap reports that the movie is under fire for portraying some of the animal bandits smoking cigarettes. The organization Smoke Free Movies, which seek to eliminate the use of tobacco products in motion pictures, has asked, "how many studio execs did it take to OK smoking in a 'PG' movie? What was Paramount thinking?"

Watch a clip of the movie below.

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