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Flashy, speedy LFA breaks sedate Lexus mold

March 26, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
The Lexus brand usually brings to mind sedate, luxury cars with an air of quietness, but not all of them fit that mold. The newest model is a take-no-prisoners exotic called the LFA.

"It's been about 10 years in the making. A lot of development, a lot of strategy built into it, and of course a lot of checking out the competition to make sure we fit in that category very well," said Lexus spokesman Bob Allen.

The LFA is a true "supercar," made of exotic materials like carbon fiber. Its Formula 1-inspired V10 engine makes over 550 horsepower.

This super ride has a super-sized price tag of $375,000.

Scott Pruett is Lexus's pro race driver in residence, logging thousands of miles in the car training buyers and dealers.

Since it takes a closed race track to fully appreciate it, Eyewitness News got to do some hot laps with Pruett, witnessing firsthand how to get the car to its full potential.

The LFA is fairly easy to drive at speed, hitting 130 mph a couple of times during the test drive, effortlessly.

The gear set is employed to connect the two, which is very unusual. And that's just one example. Detail after detail make themselves known as you spend time with the car.

For example, the exhaust note is custom tuned by the music division of Yamaha.

Only 500 examples of the LFA are being built with fewer than 200 coming to the U.S. If you have the means and want to be one of the few to snatch up this ultimate Lexus, you'd better move fast.

The car certainly does.