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OTRC: Mike Catherwood admits 'I dance like crap' - See video

Mike Catherwood talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com after week 1 of 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Mike Catherwood, a radio DJ and co-host for the KROQ syndicated radio show "Loveline" with Dr. Drew Pinsky, is well aware of his less than stellar performance on "Dancing With The Stars" on the show's season 12 premiere on March 21.

"Let's not beat around the bush, I dance like crap," Catherwood told OnTheRedCarpet.com host Rachel Smith at the recent premiere of the movie "Sucker Punch" in Los Angeles. "I don't know how much I could possibly do to be a good dancer. I realize I'm not going to be a good dancer no matter what, so I might as well suck up all the benefits of being on the world's biggest show and it's stuff like red carpet premieres. "

The DJ, who is partners with season two runner-up pro Lacy Schwimmer, finished in last place last Monday after their Cha Cha fell flat with the judges. The pair earned a score of 13 out of 30 for their effort.

"I'm taking advantages of all the good and not doing any of the hard work," Catherwood said. "I will say this, Foxtrot - the worst possible dance for a guy like me. Cause it's all based in gracefulness and poise and holding yourself in formal, elegant posture and I have none of that."

He added, "In fact, that's like the thing I'm worst at."

Catherwood revealed that he and Schwimmer are set to dance the Jive on Monday.

"At least it's more athletic and energetic and stuff," he said. "And fast paced. So at least I can mask my total inability to dance with a lot of movement. "

Since he's convinced his dancing won't get him to the end, Catherwood says he'd place hit bet on Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward for the mirror ball win.

"Let me tell you why. Beautiful man, Hines Ward. The Steelers, if not the, one of the most popular teams in the NFL so he's got a huge fan base. And he's a surprisingly good dancer," Catherwood explained. "So he's got a lot going for him. Plus I would have to add Kirstie Alley to that list. She's devoted to it. You don't notice her here at red carpets fooling around. "

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Reporting by Rachel Smith, co-host of KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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