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OTRC: Sara Ramirez and 'Grey's Anatomy' cast get mixed reviews for musical episode - What did you think?

Sara Ramirez appears in a still from 'Grey's Anatomy: The Muscial Event,' which aired on March 31, 2011. (ABC/Ron Tom)

The big musical episode of "Grey's Anatomy" hit the small screen on Thursday. The show nabbed big ratings for the show, 12.7 million, a 30 percent increase from the previous week, but television critics have been delivering mixed reviews for the show's musical effort.

The episode was an extended musical fantasy played out in Callie Torres' (Sara Ramirez) head as the other doctors try to save her life following a tragic car crash. At the end of the last episode of "Grey's Anatomy," Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) proposed to Dr. Callie Torres (Ramirez) and they were hit head-on by a truck.

Robbins was fine, but Torres, who was 6-months pregnant, went through the windshield. The musical episode picks up at this point, in Torres' outer-body experience and subconscious, which is framed in music. Ramirez, who took the bulk of the singing work on the episode, is a Broadway veteran who won a Tony Award in 2005 as the Lady of the Lake in "Monty Python's Spamalot."

The episode included songs familiar to fans of the show, including The Fray's "How to Save a Life," Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars" and Brandi Carlile's "The Story."

"I say this as a person who likes 'Grey's Anatomy,' musicals, karaoke, and out-of-body-near-death experiences very, very much: It was okay once for fun," said Entertainment Weekly critic Jennifer Armstrong. "But let's not do this again, shall we?"

TV Squad critic Denise Warner said "It goes beyond the musical episode being completely ridiculous, which it was," before adding The real problem was bringing back the songs that played a major part in the heyday of 'Grey's.'"

"I really wanted to love this episode," Boston Herald critic Mark Perigard wrote. "But the 'Grey's Anatomy' 'event' proved how tricky it is for an established show, especially a drama, to pull off a musical episode."

Wall Street Journal critic Lyneka Little had the harshest criticism."The doctors sing to Callie as she's being wheeled to surgery. It's unclear if she was crying from the pain or the sound of their voices, which were equally painful," Little said. "'Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark,' meet 'Grey's Anatomy: The Musical.'"

What did you think of the "Grey's Anatomy" musical episode? Sound off in our poll below!

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