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OTRC: Weird Al's 'Born This Way' parody gets approved by Lady Gaga

Left: Weird Al in a photo from his Twitter Page Right: Lady Gaga appears in an undated promotional photo from her official website. (Twitter.com/weirdal / ladygaga.com)

On Wednesday, comedian Weird Al Yankovic took to his blog to explain in a detailed post that Lady Gaga had denied permission for him to use his parody of her hit song "Born This Way" on his upcoming album.

However it was later revealed that it was not Gaga herself who denied her permission, as he was originally told, but Gaga's management.

"Gaga's manager has now admitted that he never forwarded my parody to Gaga," the comedian wrote on his blog on Wednesday afternoon. "She had no idea at all. Even though we assumed that Gaga herself was the one making the decision (because, well, that's what we were TOLD), he apparently made the decision completely on his own."

"He's sorry," Yankovic added. "And Gaga loves the song."

Yankovic says that although he doesn't need the artist's approval to but his parodies on his albums, since they fall under "fair use," it is his personal policy to seek the artist's permission.

In his first post about the subject on Wednesday, he says he sent the pop singer's management lyrics to his parody "I Perform This Way," and also sent the recorded version of the song, which he claims, "I decided -- based on my belief that people are basically good -- to go through the trouble and considerable expense of actually recording the song."

"Now, I never do that -- never," he added. "But because I was really excited about this parody, I decided I would faithfully jump through as many hoops as Gaga deemed necessary."

The comedian said a few days after he sent the recorded song, "We got the final word: Lady Gaga says 'no.'"

So on Wednesday Yankovic posted a rough video of his recorded song on YouTube and made it available for a free download before getting word from Gaga's management that the singer actually liked the song. The comedian says that now the approval is squared away, he plans on including the song on his album and donating sales from the video and song to the Human Rights Campaign.

"Thank you, Gaga. And thanks to everybody who had my back," Yankovic wrote.

Listen to Weird Al Yankovic's "I Perform This Way" below.

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