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OTRC: Robert De Niro compares Donald Trump to a 'car salesman'

Robert De Niro appears in a scene from the 2010 movie 'Little Fockers.' (Glen Wilson / Universal Studios / DW Studios LLC)

Robert De Niro spoke out this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York about the state of politics and in particular, Donald Trump's recent accusations about President Barack Obama, reports E! Online.

Earlier in the month, Trump told Fox News host Bill O'Reilly that he believes Obama should release his birth certificate to prove that he was born in the country. The 67-year-old actor compared the mogul to a car salesman and called the "Celebrity Apprentice" star's accusations "a lot of nonsense."

De Niro talked to NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams at the Tribeca Film Festival and became heated when talking about recent political drama.

"I know Obama was trying to bridge the [financial] gap," De Niro told Williams. "His intentions are really good. Maybe some things are not as good as we all would like, but his intentions were right. A lot of these guys, their intentions are not even good. They're just playing the game. And they're playing with people's lives."

De Niro said he "won't mention names," but Williams asked the actor if the "people" he was referring to had a show on NBC on Sunday nights and De Niro confirmed that he was talking about Trump.

"It's like a big hustle," De Niro told Williams. "It's like being a car salesman. Don't go out there and say things unless you can back them up. How dare you? That's awful to do. "

Trump already responded to De Niro's comments on "Fox & Friends" on Monday, slamming the actor's intelligence.

"Well, he's not the brightest bulb on the planet," Trump said of De Niro. "I have been watching over the years and I like his acting, but in terms of when I watch him doing interviews and various other things, we are not dealing with Albert Einstein. He can say what he wants but the fact is that this guy has not revealed his birth certificate, a lot of people agree with me."

Earlier in the month, Trump stirred controversy when he offered his birthing record rather than his birth certificate after criticizing the president for taking so long to produce his birth certificate.

Trump told news outlets, including OnTheRedCarpet.com, that he would announce before June, after the end of the current fourth season of "The Celebrity Apprentice," whether or not he will run for president.

De Niro, who is best known for his roles in "Goodfellas" and "Taxi Driver," most recently starred in the Bradley Cooper movie "Limitless" and the Ben Stiller comedy "Little Fockers."

The actor is a long-time supporter of the Democratic Party, vocally supporting Al Gore, John Kerry and Obama during their respective elections.

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