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OTRC: Paris Hilton's 'stalker' detained after 'attack' on Cy Waits

Paris Hilton appears with her boyfriend Cy Waits after he is confronted by a man she calls a 'stalker' and just before they testify at burglary trial.

Paris Hilton's boyfriend Cy Waits was on Wednesday, April 27, confronted by a man the heiress called a "stalker" and "psycho intruder" just before the couple testified at the trial of a person accused of trying to break into her home with knives last summer.

As Hilton and Waits walked into the courthouse, James Rainford, 36, was seen grabbing Waits around him neck from behind. Hilton's bodyguard later tackled him (see EXCLUSIVE video) and led him away to turn him over to police. Rainford was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery on a person and was being held on $20,000 bail. He has not yet been charged.

He had in January pleaded no contest to civil assault after he was arrested for trying to contact Hilton at her home in the Hollywood Hills. He was sentenced to three years of probation.

"That other psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house. So scary!" Hilton Tweeted after the incident.

At the scene, she called Rainford a "stalker" and told reporters on the scene: "Oh my god, that is another intruder who came to my house on a bike. This guy just attacked my boyfriend."

As Rainford was being led away by the heiress' bodyguard, he was asked if he had tried to attack Hilton.

"No," said Rainford, who identified himself as "Jim Rainford." "I've already proposed to her and her dad already said 'Yes.' I wanted to her get her to sign my picture of me proposing to her."

When asked if he was okay, Waits said: "Yeah, I'm good."

Nathan Parada, 31, is the suspect who was the focus of Wednesday's trial. In August 2010, he was arrested and charged with felony first degree burglary with a person present after security men spotted him wielding two knives outside her house in the Hollywood Hills.

He has pleaded not guilty and has no known prior link to the actress, who was inside her home with Waits at the time of the reported incident.

UPDATE at 6 p.m. ET: Paris Hilton's testimony:

Hilton took the witness stand for a little more than 15 minutes and said at around 5:30 a.m. on Aug. 24, 2010, Waits woke her up because he heard a loud banging noise on a window downstairs. She said she heard the banging as well.

"Cy woke me up - I'm a deep sleeper," she said. "Then I got up frightened. Cy and I went together downstairs. I saw a man standing at the window downstairs. I have a very large window next to the kitchen. I saw this person standing there, looking through the window, smiling."

She said Parada made eye contact with her. Waits then went outside at her request with a handgun and that she called the police. She said she had never seen Parada before and that he had never made a verbal threat to her. When asked about the knives, Hilton said Parada never pulled the weapons at her but that she saw them on the ground when she later went outside.

UPDATE at 6:15 p.m ET: Cy Waits' testimony:

Waits then took the witness stand. He said he the banging noise woke him up and he woke up Hilton to ask her what it was.

"Paris jumped out of the bed," he said. "I asked her to grab my gun. We heard another bang on the glass window. We walked downstairs. I saw a man standing by the very large window with a smirk on his face."

Waits said the man spotted him and turned around. Waits said he grabbed his semiautomatic pistol, went outside through a back door in the kitchen and confronted the man.

"I asked the man who he was and what he was doing," Waits said. "I wasn't sure if he was a gardener or a neighbor, so I was really friendly at first. I had the handgun down to my side. He started walking away from me and I kept asking who he was and what he was doing. He smirked."

He said that when he went outside, he saw that the man carried two large knives - a steak knife and a 5-inch knife.

"when I saw the knives I drew my gun at him and yelled for him to drop the knives," Waits said. "He was holding the knives toward me. He looked at me and asked if it was a weapon, to which I said ... "Yeah, it's a gun, drop the knives.' The man then dropped the knives, I told him to lay down. I grabbed the knives, sat on a chair and told him he was lucky because he was trying to break into someone's house."

Waits said the man "kept looking back at me and smiling with a strange look on his face." About 15 minutes later, police arrived and detained the man, Waits said.

UPDATE at 6:25 p.m ET: Prosecutor's opening statement:

A prosecutor told the jury that on Aug 24, 2010, Parada drove from Redlands, California, to Hilton's home in the Hollywood Hills. He had found out where she lived through a map of celebrity homes, which are often purchased by tourists, and scoped the place a day earlier.

He walked several miles from the Hollywood area to her house and spent most of the night at the property until about 6 a.m, the prosecutor said, adding that Parada knew that at least one person was home that day and had bought two knives with him. One of them was designed to break glass.

Parada is being charged with one felony count of attempted residential burglary because he was not able to break the glass, the prosecutor said, urging the jury to find him guilty of first degree of residential burglary with the allegation of having a person inside the property.

Parada's attorney chose not to make an opening statement. The trial is set to continue on Thuesday. Parada could face up to six years in state prison if convicted. He has been behind bars since his arrest.

"So Scary, just got woken up to a guy trying to break into my house holding 2 big knifes," Hilton wrote on her Twitter page the morning of the incident. "Cops are here arresting him."

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