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OTRC: Rob Lowe opens up about sex tape and the Brat Pack in autobiography 'Stories I Only Tell My Friends'

Rob Lowe appears in a still from ABC's 'Brothers and Sisters.' (ABC)

Rob Lowe released his autobiography, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends" this week, where he wrote candidly about his love of acting, his infamous 1988 sex tape scandal, alcoholism and his many relations leading up to his happy 20-year marriage.

"In most other areas of my life, I am slightly behind the curve, retiring, sometimes unsure," he wrote in his autobiography. "But when it comes to anything to do with dreams of being an actor I am filled with what I would later learn is called chutzpah."

In "Stories I Only Tell My Friends," Lowe recalls knocking on Liza Minelli's hotel room at a 10-year-old and telling her husband, "My name is Rob Lowe. I want to be an actor and I was hoping to meet Miss Minnelli," reports ABC News. Lowe sat with Minelli at the height of her fame and talked acting. She sent him off with a wink and said, "Good luck, kid. Maybe I'll see you in Hollywood."

The 47-year-old actor currently stars in NBC's comedy "Parks and Recreation" as Chris Traeger, the overly-enthusiastic health-obsessed interim Pawnee city manager. Lowe also recently guest-starred on the fourth season of the Showtime series "Californication" as Eddie Nero, an actor who wants to play the role of David Duchovney's Hank Moody in a movie adaptation of his book. Lowe left the ABC drama series "Brothers & Sisters" after the May finale of its fourth season after starring as regular cast member Robert McCallister.

Lowe began his acting career in the late 1970s, starring in the show "A New Kind of Family" and "ABC Afterschool Specials." He later went on to play bad boy Billy Hicks in the cult 1985 film "St. Elmo's Fire" with the "Brat Pack" of the 1980s, which includes Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy.

In his autobiography, Lowe remembers "The Outsiders" director Francis Ford Coppola telling the cast they would do tai chi each morning.

"I don't know what tai chi is," Lowe wrote. "I look around for a delivery man. Maybe it's some sort of Asian take-out - which would be great because I'm starving."

Lowe also played a villain in the comedy films in "Wayne's World" in 1992 and "Tommy Boy" in 1995. About a decade ago, he returned to television and played Sam Seaborn in the Emmy-winning series "The West Wing" and Dr. Billy Grant in "Dr. Vegas."

With almost 21-years of sobriety from alcohol under his belt and a 20-year marriage to makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff and two sons, Matthew, 17, and Johnowen, 14, Lowe has successfully avoided scandal for a long time.

But in 1989, his career suffered when a sex tape he made the previous year surfaced and showed him having sex with two women, one of whom was 16-years-old, the night before the Democratic National Convention. Lowe was campaigning for presidential nominee Michael Dukakis and maintains that he didn't know the young woman was underage.

"I learned two things," he told the LA Times in a recent interview. "In terms of being a trailblazer and a forerunner [in the sex tape business], it is overrated... It was a learning experience for me."

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