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Tips for women to lose weight like a guy

May 3, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
By and large, men have more muscle mass and one less layer of fat then women, making it easier for them to diet. It is so annoying. They can give up one thing, like soda, and drop weight in a flash. Women on the other hand have a hard time losing an ounce.

Have you ever seen a guy get on the scale after dinner and laugh at how much weight he's gained? Well all joking aside, guys have some common traits that women should learn to avoid yo-yo dieting.

First up, have a one-track mind. Gals tend to multi task even with weight loss efforts, often loading themselves up with ideas that promise to fail, like vowing to hit the gym daily, giving up desserts forever and canning colas for life. That's a lot of change.

Instead, pick one goal and stick with it, keeping your eye on the prize, like fitness. Vow to get a workout in at least four to five times a week. With food, vow to have produce at every meal and snack.

Then, lose the self loathing. Rather than remind yourself you have a muffin top and saddle bag thighs, push for the positive. Guys brag about who they are and what they do which is a win-win for their ego and their workout.

They're also competitive so get a challenge going.

Have you ever heard a guy in the gym? They grunt, groan and make sure we know they're working hard -- mentally all good for you psyche. They also keep fitness simple. So put your shoes on and run.

When it comes to food, there's no dinner drama. They don't whine about what they can't have. They also make better food choices. Men love protein, while women love frozen yogurt. Again, they win. Protein keeps you satisfied as it takes longer to break down and it also helps maintain muscle and other bodily functions. So go with protein and produce.

They're also better about losing treats like 100 calorie packs and other carbohydrates not really needed.

They've got the game plan and stay on course. And as with their workout, they often bet their buddies they will beat them at weight loss -- a healthy competition.

Finally, pump some iron, something with a little weight to it. You won't bulk up, but instead you're going to get a dense muscle that's going to keep you lean and strong.