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OTRC: 'Dancing With The Stars' Dance by Dance Recap: Team Cha Cha Gets Hip with Lady Gaga and Ke$ha

Chelsea Kane, Ralph Macchio, and Romeo appear after their team Cha Cha to 'Born This Way' on 'Dancing With The Stars' week seven.

Week seven really is a dance-filled show. The six remaining couples each do their own competitive routine, plus we also have the Team Cha Cha! Their team scores will be added to their individual scores for a grand total. But guess what -- SPOILER ALERT! -- the two teams tied with their Team Cha Cha scores so essentially, it doesn't mean anything. Except the stars are really tired!

Team One is Chelsea Kane, Ralph Macchio, and Romeo. Ralph said he feels like a fish out of water because not only has he never done the Cha Cha, he's also much older than his two teammates. The three couples do a very fun and very energetic dance to Lady Gaga's "Born this Way."

Head Judge Len Goodman gave them kudos for having to learn two dances; Bruno Tonioli appreciated that they went full throttle but thought they lost sync occasionally; Carrie Ann Inaba disagreed and said she was impressed. This week we also have a guest judge, a dance champ named Donnie Burns, and he said "great job." Group score: 30 out of 40

Team Two is Hines Ward, Kirstie Alley, and Kendra Wilkinson. Kirstie summed up their cha cha choreography with one phrase: "When it doubt, shake your ass." They all shook all that they've got to Ke$ha's song "We R Who We R." Len complimented Hines on being able to keep up with the two male pros. Group score: 30 out of 40

Now the real competition begins. Here are the individual scores, from highest to lowest:

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff - 36 out of 40

He may have stumbled on the dance floor last week, but Ralph showed he wasn't going to let that misstep stop him. The main worry with the Quickstep -- it's exhausting! And it looks like ibuprofen is this 49-year-old's best friend. Ralph pushes through Karina Smirnoff's energetic choreography, and also gets a little bit of coaching from another visiting pro, Luca Baricchi.

Whatever he learned, it helped, because guest judge Donnie gave them a 10! The other judges were all complimentary and encouraging, with Bruno telling Ralph when he's in the zone, he's unstoppable.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson - 36 out of 40

Hines also gets a coaching session from Luca and while at first he's a little uncomfortable dancing with another man, he realizes how helpful it is to have a male professional's point of view. He also gets a supportive visit from his Steelers teammate Jerome Bettis.

Kym Johnson has choreographed a sharp Ttango, and this time it's Bruno who gives them a 10. Guest judge Donnie said it looks like Hines dances from his heart, but still uses his head, and that's the best way to be on the dance floor.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas - 34 out of 40

It's Chelsea's turn to become "the cape" in the aggressive Paso Doble. Her partner Mark Ballas is worried because he doesn't think she can be serious, angry or mean. The duo gets a coaching session from a dance legend, who just happens to be Mark's Mom, Shirley Ballas. Her primary words of wisdom to Chelsea: no smiling, no smiling, no smiling!

Mark choreographs a great, inventive dance. Len said it confused him; he found it too aggressive. Guest judge Donnie agreed with Len. But Carrie Ann and Bruno each gave the couple a nine; Carrie Ann said she usually loves tradition but she was impressed with this progressive interpretation of the dance.

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis van Amstel - 31 out of 40

Kendra has a breakthrough week, and it seems she should thank guest coach Luca Baricchi for showing her the light. Louis van Amstel choreographed a very tough tango, and Kendra was having trouble until Luca explained his version of what "touching" means on the dance floor and that somehow loosens Kendra up. (It probably doesn't hurt that he's hot!)

Bruno and Carrie Ann both praised her elegance and sophistication; however, Bruno said she's hanging on Louis a little too much. Guest Donnie said she did a "bloody good job."

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy - 30 out of 40

Shirley Ballas trained Maksim Chmerkovskiy once upon a time, so Kirstie was looking forward to learning from her as well. They did a fast moving Jive and the dance got the better of Kirstie during rehearsals. She had a little meltdown, cried out of frustration, but got right back into learning the routine.

They earned the widest range of scores, with guest Donnie giving them a nine, and saying she fills the dance with her spirit. Len however, felt there was very little to commend, and gave her a six, saying while her acting is beautiful, her steps ... not so much.

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower - 30 out of 40

This one sure surprised me! Romeo seemed to have the most fun during rehearsals while he was learning the Samba. He seemed to really respond to Shirley Ballas' coaching, and also seemed excited about the Samba.

But he was a little reserved on the dance floor; Carrie Ann said he brought the party, but the wrong kind of party. Len was more blunt; he told Romeo at this point in the game, anyone can win, and anyone can be sent home.

Who'll be the next celebrity voted off of Season 12? We'll find out Tuesday night!

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