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OTRC: Conan's beard shaved by Will Ferrell (Video)

Conan O'Brien appears with Will Ferrell, who shaves some of his beard off on TBS talk show 'Conan' on May 2, 2011. / Conan O'Brien appears on the show minutes later without a beard. (TBS / Meghan Sinclair / Team Coco / teamcoco.com)

Will Ferrell recently made good on his promise to shave Conan O'Brien's beard in a segment dubbed the "Beardpocalypse."

O'Brien, 48, has donned a beard and mustache since he began hosting his TBS talk show, "Conan," which began airing in November 2010. He was also seen with a beard around January 2010, when he hosted "The Tonight Show" on NBC for the last time. He had left his position after seven months following a programming shake-up that led to Jay Leno reclaiming the job.

Ferrell, who appeared on O'Brien's final "Tonight Show" episode, said in a video released in mid-April: "Hey Conan, my name's Will. I found an error and the error that I found is your beard. That thing's a huge mistake. I'm going to come there and fix it myself. Whether you like it or not, I'm going to shave your beard."

After reiterating his "threat" in another video, Ferrell finally appeared on "Conan" on Monday, May 2, and got to work.

The 43-year-old actor led O'Brien to a salon chair brought out to the stage by show workers. The talk show host sat down and Ferrell offered him some reading material - copies of Playboy magazines from the 1970s.

Ferrell held up a razor "that runs on pure righteousness" and showcased some mock-ups of looks O'Brien could adopt - including a short mustache donned by Adolf Hitler. He then began shaving O'Brien's face.

"I've only shaved dogs before and I've done some pre-surgery shavings," Ferrell joked. "Just relax, my friend. Just kick back. Just let the blade flow over you."

The actor stopped after a few seconds and allowed a professional barber named Luke to shave O'Brien's face clean during a commercial break.

In December 2010, O'Brien told CNN talk show host Larry King: "When I had to walk away from 'The Tonight Show' ... you just stop shaving because you realize when you do a show you have to shave all the time ... I started growing a beard just because I could and then I thought the beard somehow - I kept it. I think when I do shave it's got to be on television."

Check out a video of Will Ferrell shaving Conan O'Brien's beard below.

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