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Hines Ward speaks out about LAPD incident

May 6, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Hines Ward is speaking out about his brush with the LAPD this week. He spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News Entertainment Guru George Pennacchio.

Ward is among the final five contestants this season on "Dancing With The Stars."

After a late dinner in North Hollywood with friends on Wednesday night, Ward accepted a ride home. But the car was quickly pulled over at a Chevron station in Studio City, and police were everywhere.

"At the time, they had their guns pointing at me. It really wasn't a fun thing to be a part of," he said.

While he was detained, Ward cooperated with police. It was soon revealed that the entire incident was a misunderstanding. Ward was a passenger in a car that was reported stolen in April. When she found her car, she didn't call police to let them know.

"For a minute, my mom thought I actually was shot by a police officer, so it just got blown out of hand," he said.

Both Ward and the woman were released immediately at the scene once the confusion was cleared up. Hines called the whole thing "an unfortunate situation."

"She kept apologizing about putting me in that situation, and she's very embarrassed about it and stuff like that," he said.

But now that the incident is over, Ward and his partner, Kym Johnson, are full steam ahead on having two dances ready for Monday night's show.

"I came up with this idea, and I thought, 'Hines is never going to go with this,' ran it by him, and he's like, 'OK,'" Johnson said. "But I think your teammates will make fun of you for a long time after they see this foxtrot."

"It'll be a talked about foxtrot," Ward said.

Hines Ward talks about being a "mama's boy"

"She's all I have. I mean, coming into this country and being her only child and stuff. I mean, we've been teammates ever since I've been born," Ward said.

Ward says he is very proud of his Korean mother. She raised him alone from the time he was 7.

He's half black, but Hines calls himself Korean American, saying he's here today because of his mom, who instilled in him great values.

She would work three jobs at once - washing dishes, cleaning hotel rooms, working in a convenience store - but she'd still somehow make his lunch and cook his dinner.

On Mother's Day, Ward will be rehearsing for Monday's "Dancing With The Stars," but he hasn't forgotten about mom.

"My mom's very simple, you know? She likes simple things, but, this year, I'm going to pamper her a little bit, get her some day-spa time and stuff like that. She's really never had manicures and stuff like that," he said.

Hines doesn't dance around the fact his mom is something special.

"I love her to death, and I'm a big mama's boy, so I can't live a day without saying hello to her," Ward said. "Being in L.A., I can't kiss her all the time like I want to, but I know she's caring for me and praying for me each and every day."