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OTRC: 'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: One big 'Ouch' and one big 'Oops!'

Tom Bergeron, Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy appear in a still from 'Dancing With The Stars' which aired on April 9, 2011. (ABC / Adam Taylor)

Stamina is the name of the game this week on "Dancing with the Stars"! Each couple performs twice: one fully rehearsed and choreographed dance, and one "instant dance." The big headlines of the week though involve Ralph Macchio's bum knee. The poor guy has an injury that could have knocked him out of the competition this week. He decided to press on and give it the old college try. Ralph did achieve his goal for the night: to just make it through the entire show!

The second water cooler moment involved Kirstie Alley and a beeped out expletive after her second dance. Ralph: Ouch! Kirstie: Oops!

A recap is below, from highest score to the lowest. SPOILER ALERT!

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas - 55 out of 60

Dance one:

Chelsea came darn close to perfection in her first dance, the slow Waltz. It looked like she and Mark Ballas had a few issues to work out during rehearsal; she called him out on his minor temper tantrum after the judge's comments last week and let him know his bad attitude won't help her cause. You go girl!

Their Waltz looked like a beautifully choreographed ballet. Generally grumpy head judge Len Goodman said overall he liked it, but did make a few jabs at there being too much story and not enough dance. But Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba were swept away and each gives the couple a 10!

Instant dance:

Chelsea and Mark sizzle with the Salsa for their instant dance. Chelsea is scared of the concept, so Mark asks her Disney channel co-star, and last year's instant dance stand out Kyle Massey, to stop by and offer up some pointers. There's a whole lot of shaking going on with this Salsa, and Chelsea is wearing the pants to help showcase that! Bruno said the couple was setting the bar very high; Len added while their Waltz was cool, the Salsa was hot.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson - 54 out of 60

Dance one:

Each week, Hines Ward gets a new style of dance and each week it seems like that style is perfect for him! This guy is proving his versatility performance after performance. Kym Johnson teaches Hines a Foxtrot that she admits needs to be heavy on the cheese factor. The football great shows his acting skills and easily gets into an over-the-top character; one that Bruno thought recalled Fred Astaire, while Carrie Ann thought it was more inspired by Gene Kelly. Can't complain about those comparisons!

Instant dance:

Hines says the jive was one of the dances he was excited to learn this season; he was not so excited when he found out he had to learn it, and perform it, in the instant dance segment. Hines puts on that football face once again, standing by his philosophy that you can't afford to have a bad week when you're in the thick of a competition; like football, you lose and you go home. They sparkled again, with Carrie Ann calling their Jive amazing, and Len calling it a fantastic job on a tough dance.

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy - 53 out of 60

Dance one:

Kirstie has a rehearsal week filled with trips and falls while trying to ace the Argentine Tango; she even comes to close to fainting once! Maksim Chmerkovskiy scolds her for not eating enough and therefore not having enough energy. But man does she look great or what? The duo performs a sultry, moody Argentine tango that is filled with lots of fancy footwork. Bruno gives them a 10, and told Kirstie while her body may be shrinking, her talent remains huge.

Instant dance:

Oops! Kirstie's exuberance sometimes gets the best of her. She had fun with the instant Salsa, and it showed, maybe not with the best technique but certainly with the best attitude. While Bruno is offering up his criticism, there is some sort of "bleeped" exchange between the two; fortunately for ABC, the censors are doing their jobs and we don't hear it. Unfortunately for us, it would have been fun to hear!

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower - 52 out of 60

Dance One:

Good for Romeo for realizing that by piling his plate a little too full with commitments last week he didn't give "DWTS" the amount of time it deserves. He knows he didn't live up to his potential and vowed to change that this week. Chelsie Hightower stressed out over choreographing a perfect Tango, but she didn't need to worry; the dance was terrific. The judges agreed and had nothing but praise for the young couple and their intense Tango.

Instant dance:

The youngest couple gets to do the party dance for their instant routine. Romeo and Chelsie had a field trip to a salsa club to get the feel for what might be expected. They impressed Len! He said it's a club dance, they danced, and he loved it. Bruno and Carrie Ann were less effusive, but gave them kudos for having fun.

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff - 46 out of 60

Dance one:

My heart is breaking for Ralph! He's nursing what appears to be a serious knee injury and trying his best to work through the pain. Karina Smirnoff tells us they normally would have had 40 hours of rehearsal time; instead, they had nine. Those trips to the doctor and the MRI lab sure cut into your dance plans! Luckily, they are assigned the Viennese Waltz so the moves are slower and more graceful rather than fast and pounding. Ralph spends much of the week with his new best friend: the ice pack.

Their performance is fine. Unfortunately, fine isn't necessarily good enough for this point in the competition. The judges were encouraging and complimented his dedication to stick with the show even though he was clearly hurting.

Instant dance:

This can be summed up in one word: ouch. Ralph is clearly in pain. And while he tried his best to smile through what he called a knife being stabbed into the back of his leg, that smile wasn't enough. The judges again commend him on his perseverance, but this dance was the lowest score of the night.

Who will make Dancing's final four? We'll find out tomorrow night!

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