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OTRC: Ralph Macchio hopes his 'Dancing With The Stars' injuries won't keep him out of the finals

Ralph Macchio talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com after the eigth week of 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Ralph Macchio came into week eight of "Dancing With The Stars" with a severe handicap, not only was he suffering from a ruptured cyst in his knee, but the "Karate Kid" actor subsequently had only one day to rehearse for this week's competition.

"Saturday, I thought there's no way I'd be here. I thought I was done," Macchio told OnTheRedCarpet.com. "We both did. Little by little, I was at least able to push through. It's very painful and they're telling me don't be on it, but it can't end this way. We have too much to offer. It's been a long, great run."

Macchio spent a good amount of his week in doctor's offices, trying to figure out what was wrong and missed a lot of rehearsal time.

"It's behind my knee and my calf," Macchio explained. "There's a ruptured cyst, called a Baker's cyst and there's inflammation tendonitis, so everything's enflamed and it's just going to take awhile to get the acidity from the cyst. It's just aggravating. It's like a sharp pain... I was very happy with what we were able to deliver with one day of rehearsal."

A Baker's cyst was named after the British surgeon William Morrant Baker and describes swelling caused by fluid coming from the knee joint protruding into the back of the knee. The rupture means that there is fluid leaking into the inner leg and calf, which causes severe discomfort.

His dancing partner, Karina Smirnoff juxtaposed his knee injury to that of his "Karate Kid" character and hopes that they can get through it for the win.

"[It's] life imitating art, Daniel LaRusso had his knee hurt and in the end, he came out on one leg! But he came out and he won! So our story can't end tomorrow, it's just, it'll be wrong!"

In Monday's episode, Macchio and Smirnoff danced the Viennese Waltz for their first number and an Argentine Tango for their surprise "instant dance." They received 25 out of 30 for their Waltz and 21 points out of 30 for their Tango, for a total of 46 out of 60, which was the lowest score of the night.

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