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OTRC: Joseph Gordon-Levitt finds 'Hesher' character 'admirable'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com about his role in 'Hesher.'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt says that he found his newest character, a troubled metal fan named Hesher, admirable for eschewing superficial desires.

"I don't think, knows what's going to come out of his mouth," Gordon-Levitt told OnTheRedCarpet.com. "He's the kind of guy who doesn't think too much about consequences, he doesn't think about the future, he doesn't think about where his life's going. He doesn't think about his house or his car or his anything, he just lives in the here and now and I actually admire that."

His newest role follows metal-loving Hesher who hates everything except homemade tattoos, cigarettes, fire and blowing things up. He embarks on an unlikely friendship with a troubled boy named T.J. who is being raised by his pill-popping father (Rainn Wilson) at his grandmother's house, following the death of his mother. Hesher mentors T.J. in a less-than-ideal manner of living and a local grocery clerk named Nicole (Natalie Portman) steps in to protect the boy.

"I think this movie is my favorite kind of movie," Gordon Levitt said, "because I don't want to be in the kind of movie where everybody's like (shrugs) 'oh yeah, that was good' I wanna be in the movie where some people are like, 'I loved it!' and some people are like, 'I hated that, that was unacceptable.' That's up for any given person to decide, which camp they land in, but it's not a compromise - this movie."

Gordon-Levitt's first roles were as a child actor in movies like "Beethoven" and "Angels in the Outfield." But he didn't want to give advice to his young co-star Devin Brochu.

"He's a pro and I just wanted to treat him with the respect that he deserved," Gordon-Levitt said. "Devon is a legit actor, he owned his craft, did his homework, came in, respected the work that he's doing and respected everyone that he's working with and did just a great job and so no, I didn't give him any words of advice because I didn't want to talk down to him."

In April, the "Inception" actor admit revealed on "Conan" that he had long hair before prior to being cast in his breakout role on "3rd Rock from the Sun" because he needed hair long enough to head bang.

After his five-year stint on "3rd Rock from the Sun," the actor continued to pursue a film career with roles in "10 Things I Hate About You," "Mysterious Skin," "Brick" and "(500) Days of Summer."

But despite his mainstream success, the 30-year-old actor often returns to indie films because they tell the stories he, and the directors he respects, want to tell.

"I'm always looking for the same thing, I just want to be inspired and tell a story I care about, whether that takes shape in a big movie like 'Inception' or in a small movie like 'Hesher,' you know, Chris Nolan, I think, has a lot in common with Spencer Susser, who directed 'Hesher.' I think they both aren't paying too much mind to the various accoutrements - the market research, the committees, all that. They're self-possessed story tellers and they tell the story they want to tell."

"Hesher" is scheduled for a limited release on May 13, 2011. Watch a trailer for the movie below.

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television and special correspondent for its entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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