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OTRC: Kylie Minogue talks Aphrodite, hot dancers and best audiences

Kylie Minogue opens up about the North American leg of her 'Aphrodite Live 2011 Tour' and dishes on her best audiences.

Kylie Minogue wrapped up the North American leg of her "Aphrodite Live 2011 Tour" Sunday, May 22, 2011 with a sold-out performance in Las Vegas. Her Vegas show followed weekend shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

OnTheRedCarpet.com caught up with Kylie backstage at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, to talk about the tour.

Minogue describes "Aphrodite Live" as a "very rich, a very dense show" with dancers, aerial performers and eight costume changes designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

"I think (Dolce and Gabbana) are amazing. I've worked with them before and was very thrilled to work with them again. My dancers costumes are just stunning," she said. "As I was saying, the show is quite rich. You can see my pockets are empty. I put a lot of money into the show, but you can see where it is."

She jokes about the show saying, "I think I'm in 'The Muppet Show' a lot of the time."

Her audiences get a spectacular show, but it's what happens behind the scenes that has Kylie laughing. "Backstage, without fail, there is always some kind of drama. It might be a little drama, or a big drama. Especially the kind of venues we have been doing on this North American section of the tour," Minogue said. "They've all been really different so sometimes you come off stage and someone has to actually push me in the right direction, otherwise I don't know where I am going. (There are) lots of half naked people running around. Craziness. Mayhem."

During the show, Kylie is surrounded by a very attractive cast of male dancers. "I'll tell you the part that is distracting for me, and this is the absolute truth. The third song in is 'Wow' and all the boys come out in their gladiator looks complete with helmets with white Mohawks on the helmets, so I don't actually, clearly know who is who."

She adds, "I'm up at the back of the stage just looking down (and the male dancers). The girls and I, we're singing 'Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow' about all these guys, and we mean it. Every night we are like, 'Wow. Nice thighs. Very nice.' So we are definitely not acting at that point in the show."

The world tour now heads across the Pacific to Australia, Southeast Asia and then South Africa where Kylie tells us she may take some time to relax, "I'm planning my rest. I just started planning my rest. I was planning working and now I'm thinking maybe I should plan a little rest."

Minogue continued, "The next stop is Australia, so obviously I can't wait to get home and see my people. It's a while since I've been there. (Then we're off to) Southeast Asia, finishing up in South Africa, so who knows, I might take a little time there or get back to London, back to the real world."

The "Aphrodite Live 2011 Tour" started back in February 2011 in Denmark followed by more than 30 dates across Europe and a stop in Japan.

"It took a while to make that decision to go there because it was not long after the disaster," Minogue said. "But they really impressed me as an audience as well. I haven't toured there in a long time and my memory of touring there was that the audience was quite composed and clapped and stopped, but (this time) they were going for it. They really took my breath away."

She loved the crowds in Japan, but tell us the best audiences in the world are in Latin America saying, "They are so vocal, so passionate."

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