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OTRC: Brooke Elliott of 'Drop Dead Diva': Jane's in 'turmoil' in season 3 - Watch

The actress who stars on 'Drop Dead Diva' spills some season three secrets including what's in store for Deb.

"Drop Dead Diva" star Brooke Elliott tells OnTheRedCarpet.com some big things are in store for viewers in season three of the series, which kicks off on Sunday, June 19 at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

The show is about a full-figured lawyer named Jane, played by Elliott, who is inhabited by the soul of the deceased ditzy model Deb. Jane/Deb works at a law firm with Deb's former fiancé Grayson (played by Jackson Hurst), who has no idea the former love of his life works next to him every day.

During the finale of season two, Grayson asks Jane/Deb to be his best man at his upcoming wedding and she becomes upset by the news. As Grayson goes to chase after Jane, he gets hit by a car.

In a satellite interview on June 13, Elliott said this season her character is "a little flirtier, she's a little sexier this season, she's gonna date some, and she actually is in a little bit of turmoil trying to figure out whether she really belongs with Grayson or if she doesn't and that's kind of her struggle this season."

The season premiere of the show features a dance sequence choreographed by "So You Think You Can Dance" guest judge Tyce Diorio in a hospital, where the storyline picks up shortly after the season two finale.

"Jane has a dream sequence where she has a huge dance number in her dream to 'Don't Leave Me This Way,' which I got to sing," Elliott, who is a trained singer and Broadway actress, said. "Tyce Diorio choreographs an amazing number, and I love that. I love that part of the show."

She adds, "I love that Deb has some dramatics to her. She has some theatrics to her. It's one of my favorite parts of the character."

Elliott adds that it's being able to play both personalities of Jane and Deb that make her so enamored with the role.

"That's one of my favorite parts of this show, actually, is playing this challenging character and playing the two kinds of points of views sometime that she has," the actress said. "Her old point of view that doesn't jive with the new point of view, and it's great, that's what I love about it."

As for her character's love life and complicated relationship with former fiancé, the actress said, "Jane and Grayson have developed a friendship over these seasons where they really do rely on each other as friends, and I think that's a perfect beginning to their new relationship."

She adds, "I believe that Grayson should fall in love with the Jane that Jane is. I think it's cheating if he falls in love with her because he knows that Deb's in there. So I want him to begin to develop feelings for the Jane he knows."

The show, which in the past has had guest stars like Ricki Lake, Liza Minnelli, Cybill Shepherd and Rosie O'Donnell, has a new guest list lined up for season three.

"I love them all," Elliott said of the guest celebs. "But I know I had such a fun time with Wanda Sykes. She was so much fun. And Kathy Griffin was there and Tony Goldwin.

"I love when the mothers come back and Faith Prince. Yeah, Faith Prince as Jane's mom and Sharon Lawrence as Deb's mom came back in the same episode and that was really fun," Elliott added. "And then the three of us got to sing at the end of the episode so that was a thrilling, fun time for me."

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