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OTRC: Dolly Parton talks about upcoming album 'Better Day'

Dolly Parton talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com about her costumes and 4th of July plans.

Dolly Parton released her 43rd studio album "Better Day" on June 28 and told OnTheRedCarpet.com about the themes, the costumes and her plans for the 4th of July.

"There are a variety of songs in the CD that are just about problems and heartache and other things and how you rise above it and how it's going to be when you overcome the obstacles, like when the clouds roll away from your door - you're gonna shine like the sun, that sort of thing," Parton told OnTheRedCarpet.com of the album, which is the follow-up to her critically acclaimed and successful 2008 album "Backwoods Barbie."

"There are a lot of different messages," Parton continued. "For instance, 'In the Meantime,' is about how some people are so consumed with the fear of dying that the joy of living is lost. In the meantime, we have to try and think about what we're doing that's destroying this world to start with. We need to make amends, we need to make changes."

Parton released the first single off the album, "Together You & I" on May 26. (Listen below.) She is also set to launch a world tour on July 17 in Knoxville, Tennessee and will travel through the Europe and Australia.

The 65-year-old country legend is famous for her glitzy costumes and said that a lot of thought goes into the outfits.

"They have to be forgiving, so if I gain a little weight or lose a little weight, it doesn't matter much," Parton said. "You also have to worry about your breathing, because I want my clothes to look like they fit me skin-tight. They have to look that way but still have to have that give," Parton said of her costumes. "I have a wonderful guy doing my clothes, Steve Summers, so he knows me very well. We've been working together for 20-years and so he knows how I work, he knows my likes and dislikes and he knows how to make all that work to where it's functional but flashy."

The country singer penned the hit song "9 to 5" and starred in the 1980 comedy film opposite Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. The film follows three working women who get even with their sexist, egotistical boss.

While Parton was proud that she was able to write the film's soundtrack, she would much rather write what she's feeling.

"It's more fun for me when I actually get to write what's coming out of me," Parton continued, "what I want to say and what I'm feeling at the time - just it be between God and myself."

Parton has been open about plastic surgery performed on her breasts, lips and eyes and recently said that she has learned to deal with male attention.

"I had six brothers, so I knew how men acted - they are naturally horny, while women want to be selective, though they get pissed off if men don't find them attractive," Parton said in January. "I never slept with anyone I didn't want to sleep with, and if a man paid me attention I took it as a compliment. After all, I put myself out there with all the hair and the makeup. But while I look like a woman, I think like a man."

In March, Parton said she would love to collaborate with pop star Lady Gaga after she released a country version of her hit "Born This Way."

"It's just wonderful. I love her," Parton said of Gaga's country turn. "Maybe we should do something together -- GooGoo and Gaga! You know those GooGoo candy bars in Nashville? I could be Lady GooGoo."

Parton is also filming the movie "Joyful Noise" with Queen Latifah, which sees the two playing women who team up to try and stop a small-town gospel choir from shutting down. The film is due for release in January 2012.

As for her 4th of July plans, Parton said she plans to catch up with her family who she hasn't seen while she's been gearing up for her tour.

"I'm going to try to spend the long holiday weekend with my family, 'cause we've been working so hard, I haven't seen anybody!" Parton said. "I haven't seen my husband or my little nieces and nephews or my sisters, so hopefully I'm going to have a chance to spend some time with family and have a cook out like we usually do and so I'm looking forward to taking it easy like a real family and forgetting about show business until Tuesday morning."

Correction: In the June 29 story above, OnTheRedCarpet.com reported that Dolly Parton's album "Better Day" was slated for release on August 29. It was actually released in the United States on June 28. August 29 marks the day the record is set to hit stores in the United Kingdom. This version of the article has been updated to reflect the correction.

Listen to Dolly Parton's single "Together You & I" below.

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