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OTRC: 'True Blood' recap: 'You Smell Like Dinner' (Episode 2) - What did you think?

Anna Paquin appears in a scene from episode 2 in the fourth season of 'True Blood' (HBO)

"True Blood" came back on Sunday for a second serving of vampire goodness. This week we learned what exactly happened to Sophie-Anne, discover what is going on with Jason at Hot Shot and see lots and lots of abs. Catch up with your favorite characters below, but be warned: spoiler alert!

Sookie's landlord woes and punk Bill

This was a pretty by-the-numbers episode. Sookie is upset because her landlord, Eric, is sticking around -- which is a problem most people wouldn't mind having. He makes a good argument for her to stick with him. He can offer her protection for her and her blood, which according to Eric smells like sunshine.

"I know you. There are two Sookie Stackhouses. One who still clings to the idea that she's merely human and the other who's coming to grips with the fact that you are better than that," Eric tells Sookie, who isn't having any of it.

Meanwhile, the witch spy is debriefing Bill as to what Marine's coven is up. The two get undressed for fun -- "True Blood" style. Speaking of undressing, this episode was packed full of nakedness. The entire cast of "True Blood" must get an amazing gym membership discount. Abs, pecks and biceps galore.

Sookie visits Bill only to find out that he's now a king and messing around drinking blood out of other women. Even though they've been broken up for over a year in his eyes, for Sookie the time passage has been brief and seeing the bite marks on his spy obviously stings.

We get a little flashback to Bill in early 1980s punk scene in London complete with spiked up hair, eyeliner and clothes most people can buy at Hot Topic now. He drains the bar tender of blood but spares his life. Bill heals the bar tender's neck wound and glamours him to forget about the incident.

Nan Flanagan pops out of an alley and her fashion sense hasn't change much. We learn Bill's life in vampire politics. He was hired almost 30 years ago as a spy to infiltrate the American vampire monarchy so that Nan's bosses can set off the mainstream movement. Yet, Bill is not above protecting his own interests, i.e. Sookie. Later in the episode, he lies to Nan when he says his research on Sookie for Sophie-Anne turned up nothing.

Speaking of Sophie-Anne, we learn that the second most irritating character on the show had the most anticlimactic death. After Bill and Sophie-Anne leapt into the air, which is how their storyline ended last season, she flung him across the room. Bill then announces he brought in back-up and a covert group of humans working for Nan's group burst through his door, armed with wooden bullets that have silver cores. They open fire and Sophie-Anne gets reduced to a bloody pulp.

Tara pays a visit to Sookie, who gets spooked by a vision of the ugly fairies she saw before jumping through the portal, in the season premiere. Tara and Sookie catch up, but Sookie becomes upset when she finds out that Eric built himself a little cubby in her house. Later Tara! Sookie ditches her best friend to pick a bone with Eric at Fangtasia.

Sookie gives Pam an earful of complaints about her living situation with Eric but Pam keeps it real and puts Sookie in her place. The two haven't joined a book club and aren't bonded by their estrogen, so they're not girlfriends. Eric is her maker, so Pam's loyalty is with him.

Miss Stackhouse's adventure at Fangtasia isn't done. She then has a run-in with Jessica, who is draining a fang banger in the bathroom stall next to her. Sookie wonders what Hoyt would think, but Jessica mouths off and tells Sookie she never appreciated her "step-mothering." Sookie is 0 for 2 with the female vampires.

Fed up with waiting around for Eric, Sookie bolts. While she's driving her little yellow car, she spots her shirtless landlord Eric walking along the road with a dazed look. He has no idea who Sookie is but asks "Why do you smell so good."

And the rest

*Before Eric ended up shirtless on the side of the road, he actually was dressed in a black tank top and killer leather jacket. How'd he end up clueless? It had to have something with messing with Marnie's witch coven.

Eric goes in to their meeting to strike a deal to end their experimentation. Marnie wants to bring a dead human back to life. Eric gets violent when the witches don't want to hear a compromise. The move causes Tara to try and put a wooden stake through him. Tara, despite her new cage fighting skills, is quickly disarmed and Eric grabs her around the neck.

Seeing his cousin in trouble, Lafayette joins the circle of witches chanting. Marnie snaps out of a haze and begins chanting too. The lights dim, a wind blows and Eric sees flashes of fire in Marine's eyes. His look turns from anger to confusion and he bolts. Somewhere between the coven meeting and seeing Sookie, he loses his shirt, jacket and memory.

*Sam was naked most of the episode. He and a fellow shifter from last week's meeting, Luna, almost had a heart to heart... naked. Sam and Tommy argued... naked. They resolved their trust issues in the forest... naked, which might be a metaphor for something but it could just be Alan Ball having fun.

*Jason is tied up in Hot Shot, which is how the episode started. He is getting his head licked by the kid that locked him up. The Hot Shot kid is trying to clean Jason's wound the werepanther way but Jason admits, "I'm more of a band-aid kind of guy."

We learn that it was Crystal and her ex-boyfriend Felton's plan to tie Jason up. Crystal wants a baby but Felton is "shooting blanks." Must be all the inbreeding at Hot Shot.

So Crystal is recruiting Jason to supply her with kids. She wants them to be werepanthers like her and the rest of her Hot Shot kin folk. That means Jason has the unfortunate luck of joining Bon Temps' growing population of supernatural beings. Both Crystal and Fenton transform into panthers and a defenseless Jason gets bit.

*Arlene is still freaking out about her evil baby and at one point just stares at his dark eyes, matching his gaze. A blood vessel in her eye bursts and she blames the drooling baby before storming out of the room, leaving Terry to figure out on his own what DVD to watch that night.

What did you think of the second episode? Sound off below!

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