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OTRC: Rosario Dawson opens up about her 'Zookeeper' animal bonding

Rosario Dawson talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com at the premiere of 'Zookeeper.'

Rosario Dawson tends to take on dramatic roles, but the actress got to get a bit silly in "Zookeeper" and told OnTheRedCarpet.com that her grandmother had something in common with her monkey co-star.

"I did not get hit by a monkey on set, but a lot of people did get hit by a monkey on set, including my grandmother, which was pretty funny," Dawson told OnTheRedCarpet.com co-host Chris Balish at the film's premiere on Jul 6. "I have the best picture of her with Crystal the Monkey, sitting on her and smiling really hard and my grandmother doing the exact same smile, which is wonderful. I really loved that. It actually reminded me of my grandmother because she was super sweet and really, really cute but packed a wallop on her, man. You would never expect it!"

"Zookeeper" stars Kevin James as a lovable zookeeper who considers leaving his job for something more illustrious, hoping to impress his ex-girlfriend (Leslie Bibb). The zoo animals intervene and break their code of silence in order to help him learn the rules of courtship and get a woman more worthy of his kindness, like the zoo's veterinarian (Rosario Dawson).

"I was lucky, because I play a veterinarian in the movie so I'm supposed to be familiar with the animals and specifically the eagle, so I spent a lot of time with the Wedge-tailed Eagle and that was really incredible," Dawson continued. "But you know, they were all wild animals on set and we got to visit with the gorillas, which were actually at the Franklin Park Zoo, as well as the bears and most of these animals had to be completely separated because they couldn't be anywhere near each other because they're all predators and so it was really funny to watch the movie and see all of them sitting and chatting with each other and you're like, um, that's not possible."

The film also features the voices of Cher, Nick Nolte, Adam Sandler, Ken Jeong, Judd Apatow, Maya Rudolph, Jon Favreau and Sylvester Stallone.

Dawson is best known for her roles in "Kids," "Josie and the Pussycats," "Sin City," "Clerks 2" and "Seven Pounds."

In May, the 32-year-old actress broke up with her boyfriend of three-years, French DJ Mathieu Schreyer. She was previously romantically linked to "Sex and the City" actor Jason Lewis.

"Zookeeper" was released in theaters on July 8, 2011. Watch the trailer below.

Additional reporting by Chris Balish, co-host of KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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