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OTRC: Betty White asked out to Marine Corps Ball, following Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake (Video)

Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis asks Betty White to the Marine Corps Ball, as seen in this video posted on YouTube on July 15, 2011. / Betty White talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com in April 2011 at the Actors and Others for Animals 40th anniversary. (youtube.com/user/RSonicVision)

Betty White, 89, has become the third celebrity to be asked out by a Marine to a Marine Corps Ball.

Actress Mila Kunis and actor and singer Justin Timberlake have already accepted their invites to separate balls, issued by Marine Sgt. Scott Moore and female Marine, Kelsey De Santis, earlier this month. Their YouTube proposals were posted just ahead of the release of their new film, "Friends With Benefits," which hits theaters on Friday, July 22.

Now a recent YouTube video shows Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis extending a similar invitation to White.

After completing some pull-ups and sit-ups, Lewis, dressed in an olive green T-shirt and camoflauge pants, says: "Hey, it's me - Sg.t Ray Lewis, like the football player. Yeah, I know you like football players. Anyways, since I figured we got one Marine asking Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball, then we have another Marine asking Justin Timberlake to the Marine Corps Ball, I figured, hey, why not? Why don't I ask somebody out to the Marine Corps Ball?"

He snaps his fingers and then appears in a dress uniform, holding a red rose.

"I would like to take Betty White," Lewis says. "She's just funny, she's sweet, she's mature. She's the all-around perfect woman. I really think that we'd have a good time. I'm fun, you know. I think I can make her laugh. I think she can make me laugh. I think we can laugh together. It's going to be great. It's going to be a good time. It's going to be me and her at the Marine Corps Ball this year. I know it. Call me."

White has not yet responded to Lewis' offer.

The actress has become one of the most popular senior television stars, especially following a "Saturday Night Live" hosting stint last year, which earned the "Golden Girls" star her fifth Emmy Award. She is up for another nomination at this year's ceremony for her role as Elka Ostrovsky in the TV land comedy series "Hot in Cleveland." (Check out a full list of 2011 Emmy nominations.)

UPDATE: Betty White has rejected Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis' request to accompany him to a Marine Corps Ball.

Check out Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis' YouTube invitation to Betty White below.

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