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OTRC: 'Desperate Housewives' cast opens up about series end - See video

Marcia Cross opens up about the eighth and final season of the series.

After eight seasons, it was announced on Sunday that "Desperate Housewives" will come to an end.

Cast members Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and James Denton opened up to OnTheRedCarpet.com co-host Chris Balish at the ABC Summer Press Tour on Sunday about the end of the drama and shared what is to come for season 8.

The show, which stars Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman as residents of Wisteria Lane, debuted in 2004 and was created by Marc Cherry.

"I think Marc has had the ending in his head from the very beginning so we'll finally see what that's going to be," Marcia Cross said. "It's been a secret. The one secret he's kept. You know Marc likes to talk about everything but he's never talked about the ending."

When asked what's in store for the show, Cross simply said, "Murder. Mayhem. Mystery."

Felicity Huffman, who plays Lynette Scavo, told Balish, "I'm glad that we still have nine months more of shooting ahead of us. It's wonderful to know in advance."

James Denton, who stars on the show as Terri Hatcher's love interest Mike Delfino, said, "We're all a little bit surprised because the audience is still there and people seem to respond to it but there's something to be said for not letting a show, you know, not stay at the party too long."

As for the new season, Denton told Balish, "The audience will love it. It ties into season 1 really great."

"We want to make sure it has its victory lap," ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee said in making the announcement on Sunday, according to The Associated press.

"I'm very aware that some shows overstay their welcome and I didn't want that to happen with 'Desperate Housewives,"' series creator Marc Cherry told reporters. "We wanted to go out in the classiest way possible."

Buzz about the series end began on Friday. The eighth and final season of "Desperate Housewives" begins on September 25.

Ratings for "Desperate Housewives" have fallen consistently since its premiere. Its previous seventh season was watched by less than 12 million viewers, estimates show. The show's debut season was viewed by an average of more than 23 million people.

Last season saw the introduction of Vanessa Williams's character, Renee Perry, and also featured "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor Brian Austin Green as Keith Watson.

Season 8 is set to feature Australian actor Charles Mesure, who last appeared on the ABC sci-fi series "V," which was canceled earlier this year after a two-year run.

Show creator Marc Cherry had told Deadline.com in 2010: "I've got a contract that keeps me around ABC for a few more years," adding that he hoped "Desperate Housewives" would be around for "a couple of more seasons."

Also last year, Nicollette Sheridan, who played Edie Britt on "Desperate Housewives" from its debut until 2009, filed a $20 million battery and wrongful termination lawsuit against ABC and Cherry. She is claiming that the show creator hit her and fired her from the show because she is a woman.

Cherry's lawyer told OnTheRedCarpet.com in May that a judge dismissed Sheridan's claims of gender discrimination, sexual harassment, gender violence, assault and retaliation and retained only her allegations of wrongful termination and a "fictitious battery claim." ABC has declined comment.

"Desperate Housewives" has won seven Emmys, including an individual award for Huffman, who plays Lynette Scavo, and has been nominated more than 30 times. This year, it received a nod for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance (check out a full list 2011 Emmy nominations).

Reporting by Chris Balish, co-host of KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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