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OTRC: Rebecca Black reveals she left school because of bullying

Rebecca Black appears in a still from her music video, 'My Moment.' (YouTube.com/Rebecca)

Rebecca Black, the 14-year-old viral video star responsible for the YouTube hit "Friday," revealed in a recent "Nightline" interview that teasing at her school had become so intense after the song became popular that she chose to be homeschooled instead.

The music video for "Friday" became a viral hit after it was released earlier this year and has been dubbed "the worst music video/song." Black has been mocked online and even received death threats over the song, which led to a police investigation. However, the song became so popular that it earned a cover performance on the FOX musical comedy "Glee" and inspired numerous online parody videos.

"Friday" had over 167 million views on YouTube but was curiously removed on June 16, "due to a copyright claim."

"When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice," Black told "Nightline" about her bullying. "Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

"She certainly did not need that kind of pressure," the singer's mother, Georgina Marquez, added.

Marquez also revealed the teen has been the target of death threats and the FBI became involved. "There's not a stone that's left unturned when it comes to her safety," Marquez said.

However, Black seemed to take it all in stride. "I've had a lot of experience with not being liked and all that," Black said. "I think if I hadn't had to deal with that in the past then I totally would have handled this differently and I would have gone down in burning flames. But I've learned that you just can't let it get to you."

Black made a cameo appearance in Katy Perry's music video, "Last Friday Night." She is currently working on her five-track EP, which will be self-released in August.

On July 18, Black released her latest single "My Moment," with a video that debuted on Black's YouTube channel - under the simple username "Rebecca," as well as on her official website and will be available for download on iTunes on July 19.

The new track was written by Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, who has previously collaborated with Justin Bieber and it was produced by Charlton Pettus, who has worked with Hilary Duff and Tears for Fears.

The video for the singer's latest track showcases events from Black's life and depicts her sudden rise to fame. It includes her appearances at red carpet events and footage of her receiving an award at her junior high school.

Check out the video for "My Moment" below.

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