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OTRC: Anderson Cooper giggles over Gerard Depardieu joke - See video

Anderson Cooper appears in an undated promotional photo featured on his Facebook page. (Facebook.com)

Anderson Cooper lost his composure on Wednesday while reporting about Gerard Depardieu's public urination incident on an airplane.

The CNN anchor began giggling on his show Wednesday night after telling a joke featuring a pun on the French actor's name.

The Oscar-nominated French actor, who appeared in the film "Green Card," reportedly urinated in public on an airplane after being told he must wait to use the restrooms.

A spokesperson for the 62-year-old star had no immediate comment. A man named Daniele told French radio station Europe 1 that he was one of the passengers on the CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin on Tuesday and that he witnessed and was outraged by the incident, which is said to have occurred while the aircraft was still on the ground in France.

He said Depardieu appeared to have been drunk and got up and declared that he needed to urinate. A flight attendant told the actor that the restrooms were closed and that he must wait 15 minutes until the plane was in flight to use them. Depardieu then said he could not wait and stood up and relieved himself, Daniele said. It has not been confirmed whether Depardieu was intoxicated at the time.

During his "Ridiculist" segment, Cooper began laughing slightly after telling the joke, "They saw an actual thespian, actually thespeein'" and quickly quipped, "Oh, it's full of puns."

He lost his composure after saying, "So after Gerard took his little solo flight to urination, the plane had to turn around and go to the gate and some unlucky cleaning crew had to deal with the Golden Globe-winning tinkle. Now all I can say is they should thank their lucky stars it wasn't Depart-two."

The video can be seen below and the 44-year-old begins to laugh at the 2:20 minute mark. He does manage to apologize for the moment, saying, "Sorry, this has actually never happened to me."

A spokesperson for CityJet, a Air France-KLM subsidiary, told OnTheRedCarpet.com on Wednesday that Depardieu's flight was delayed for almost two hours after a man on board created a disturbance by refusing to remain in his seat while the plane was still on the runway in Paris.

He was escorted off the plane and two of his traveling companions accompanied him willingly, the spokesperson said, adding that the man's identity was not revealed as part of the company's general privacy policy. Police arrived at the scene but no charges were filed.

Depardieu known for films such as "Cyrano de Bergerac," which earned him an Oscar nomination, "Jean de Florette and the 1998 movie "The Man in the Iron Mask," which saw him play the musketeer Porthos alongside main star Leonardo DiCaprio. He also starred in the 2007 film "La Vie en Rose," which earned Marion Cotillard an Oscar.

Depardieu is perhaps best known for his role in the United States for his role in the 1990 comedy film "Green Card," which earned him a Golden Globe. He played a foreigner who marries an American woman, portrayed by Andie MacDowell, so he can stay in the United States legally.

Depardieu is set to appear in "Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia," a 2012 film that in April began filming in European countries such as France - from where the flight in question was set to depart, Dublin and Hungary.

UPDATED on Friday, August 19: Gerard Depardieu's co-star says the actor is sorry about the plane incident. Check out details.

Check out the video of Anderson Cooper below.

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