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ISOH/Impact collects supplies for hurricane relief

August 25, 2011 9:00:00 PM PDT
ISOH/Impact is prepping to lend a hand if needed. The organization is collecting supplies at its Waterville warehouse for Hurricane Irene relief.

Leaders plan to send two trucks out east. One is scheduled to leave on Monday and one on Tuesday. But it is wait-and-see for direction. They don't know exactly where those supplies will need to be shipped just yet.

"We're getting ready," says Linda Greene, President and CEO of ISOH/Impact. "Even if we don't have to send anything, we still have to be ready."

Greene is once again calling on the community to help in case a disaster strikes. This time, her organization is prepping for Hurricane Irene to hit the east coast.

She's asking for donations of cleaning supplies, canned food, and more. However, do not bring clothes, furniture, glass, or perishable food.

"Tarps are always needed, batteries are always needed, flashlights, baby care items," says Greene. "Everything that you think you would need in a home if you had to leave. That's what you need to think about."

You can drop off individual supplies or you can fill up a five gallon bucket.

It's known as the Bucket Brigade. Fill a bucket with items for one category: either food, cleaning supplies, baby care, or pet supplies. Cover it up and drop it off at the Waterville warehouse located at 905 Farnsworth Road.

It's a well-oiled machine over there. ISOH/Impact called on the community to help when Hurricanes Rita and Katrina hit in 2005, as well as during the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January of 2010.

"I'm excited about what this community does because what they do is continue to open up their hearts and they continue to help others," says Greene. "All that is going to do is come around, back around when you or I are in trouble. Somebody else is going to pick up and come and help us."

For a breakdown of what supplies are needed, log on to the organization's web site at www.isohimpact.org.

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