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OTRC: Jon Cryer becomes the new 'Two and a Half Men' ladies' man?

Jon Cryer appears in a promotional photo for CBS' 'Two and a Half Men.' (CBS)

Jon Cryer, who plays Alan Harper on CBS' "Two and a Half Men" dropped some spoilers about the show's forthcoming return and said that his character ends up being more of a ladies' man than Ashton Kutcher's character.

"I can only say my character ends up being the more romantically experienced one of the two of them," Cryer told Entertainment Weekly. "So Alan becomes sort of a mentor character to Ashton's character. And as bad as an idea as that sounds, it's just as bad on the show - I'm a terrible mentor. And that's where a lot of the fun of the show comes from."

Charlie Sheen, 45, was fired from the hit CBS series in March after a slew of rants in the media about show co-creator Chuck Lorre and following a rehab stint to treat alcohol and drug abuse. He had played the party-loving uncle of Jones' character.

Kutcher, a 33-year-old actor whose roles as goofy teen Kelso on the sitcom "That '70s Show" and host of the prank series "Punk'd" have earned him a coveted teen and young adult fan base, was later cast in Sheen's place. He will make his debut as a new character, a broken-hearted Internet billionaire named Walden Schmidt, when the show returns for a ninth season on September 19.

"Working with Ashton is a blast," Cryer told the industry magazine. "Audiences have been going nuts for him. He's clearly a guy who missed doing sitcoms quite a bit. He just lights up on show night. It's a lot of fun for he and I because we have to discover what works between us, and he's game for anything. There's already - lines have been crossed already that probably never should have been crossed, as you'll see in the first episode."

Reports say Sheen's character will be killed off and mourned at a funeral on the season 9 premiere of "Two and a Half Men," but Cryer insisted that Sheen's character will not be forgotten.

"The history of the show does not go away at all," Cryer said. "It will be dealt with all through the first season. It's not, 'Oh, that character's gone, let's forget completely about him.' There will be ramifications all through the season. We're not taking this into a new universe where the first show didn't exist."

The former "Pretty in Pink" star said that producers are being very secretive about the season's plot points, but revealed that, "One of the characters will be institutionalized, but they don't say which character or what kind of institution."

After Kutcher was cast in May, he Tweeted to his some 7 million Twitter fans a photo of himself, Jones and Jon Cryer, who plays the father of Jones' character and the brother of Sheen's, appearing to yell together. He jokingly described the scene in the picture as the "first cast argument."

Sheen, who has battled alcohol and drug abuse for years, was suspended from the show just before he was fired. He later appeared on various news programs, touting his "winning," party-loving lifestyle and live-in girlfriends, or "goddesses." The actor maintained he was sober, dubbed himself a "rock star from Mars" and demanded a pay raise.

Sheen was the top-paid television actor in 2010, commanding a reported $1.25 million per episode, which broke a Guinness World Record. Kutcher has since nabbed the top TV salary, as he is set to earn$700,000 an episode (see a list of the top-earning TV stars).

Sheen began a stage tour of North America after his firing, which was met with lackluster reviews and featured several comedians, including Jeffrey Ross, who has taken part in several Comedy Central roasts.

Sheen has been the butt of jokes himself due to his many catchphrases coined at the height of the scandal and will be honored with his own Comedy Central roast on September 19, which airs right after the premiere of "Two and a Half Men." The special will be hosted by "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane.

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