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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews 'Drive,' 'Straw Dogs,' 'I Don't Know How She Does It'

Ryan Gosling appears in a scene from the film 'Drive.' (FilmDistrict)

There's a lot of killing going on at the movies this weekend. A remake of a classic comes to a shockingly violent end, Sara Jessica Parker is afraid of getting killed, at the box office that is, and buckle up, as Ryan Gosling is cracking heads and has the pedal to the metal in "Drive."

Gosling is a movie stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for criminals. He's also in love with his neighbor. But when her husband gets out of prison and refuses to pay a debt, Gosling puts his skills behind the wheel to the test, trying to save the mother and young son from being taken out.

The Reel Deal: Certainly not for the squeamish or faint of heart, but "Drive" is a stylish, moody, gritty, ultra-violent noir thriller and a hella-va ride. I'm in.

Not enough violence, you say? Alrighty then. A home invasion classic gets a remake in "Straw Dogs."

James Marsden and Kate Bosworth move to the country to fix up her childhood home and sell it after her dad dies. But when Marsden hires his wife's high school sweetheart to do some work on the barn, it's clear the ex has more than hammering nails in mind. When Marsden fires the crew, the group lays siege to the home and the couple must defend themselves by any means necessary.

The Reel Deal: A solid, tense, revenge thriller about a man being pushed to the limit, "Straw Dogs" asks the question, what would you do? The answer: See it! I'm in.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a woman with a very full plate in "I Don't Know How She Does It."

Based on the bestselling novel, the comedy is about a working mom trying to balance a stressful career, kids and marriage. And the juggling act gets even more complicated when both she and her husband (played by Greg Kinnear) get promotions.

The Reel Deal: It's another lame version of Carrie Bradshaw, and it's insulting to working class parents who actually work. "I don't know how she does it?" No worries. She doesn't. I'm out.

In limited release, there's "Happy, Happy," which is about a woman whose perfect new neighbors show her just how unsatisfying her own life is.

And hakuna matata! "The Lion King" returns to the big screen, and this time it's in 3-D.

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