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OTRC: 'Point Break' remake to star Gary Busey? Actor weighs in on film (Exclusive)

Gary Busey appears in scenes from the 1991 movie 'Point Break.' / Gary Busey appears in a promotional photo for 'Celebrity Apprentice' in 2011. (JVC Entertainment Networks / Largo Entertainment / 20th Century Fox / NBC)

Gary Busey says he would consider appearing in the upcoming reboot of "Point Break," a 1991 cult film that saw him and Keanu Reeves play FBI agents working to nab a group of criminal surfers.

However, Busey, 67, told OnTheRedCarpet.com in a statement that the new movie's name should be changed, as "a remake would never equal the first 'Point Break'" and that several conditions must be met if he were to appear in it.

"If the character is proper, the purpose of the film is proper, the meaning of the story is original, and the money is right, then I would consider a role in a remake," Busey said. "If all those things are there, then I would say, 'Yes.' But if they are not there, it would be like Dame Edna playing Mother Teresa."

Dame Edna, an elderly woman with purple hair and wacky glasses, is a popular British comedy icon played by male Australian comedian Barry Humphries. Mother Teresa, a Roman Catholic nun and Nobel Peace Prize winner, devoted her life to helping the needy and died in India in 1997.

Andrew Kosove of Alcon Entertainment, the company that is producing the new "Point Break," told OnTheRedCarpet.com that none of the actors from the original film have been approached about appearing in the reboot, which is "not at the casting stage yet."

The original "Point Break" was directed by Kathryn Bigelow and featured the late Patrick Swayze as Bodhi, a thrill-seeker who heads a group of surfers who rob banks while wearing masks resembling presidents.

Reeves portrays FBI agent Johnny Utah, who befriends Bodhi in a bid to nab the gang. Busey plays his partner, Angelo Pappas. Reeves' spokesperson had no immediate comment about the "Point Break" remake.

Earlier this week, Alcon Entertainment announced its plan to make the "Point Break" reboot, which is "set in the world of international extreme sports, and like the original, involves an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring."

No release date has been announced for the new film, which will be distributed by Warner Bros.

"The remake of 'Point Break' should have a different name," Busey said. "The new producers should create a new title and in the creation of that also a new story that they're proud to own. The creative collaboration should not take away from our original movie with the great director Kathryn Bigelow!"

"They (the new producers) should not ride on the coat tails of the first 'Point Break' but they will need to create a familiarity with the audience to the original movie," he added. "However, a remake would never equal the first 'Point Break.'"

Busey is also known for films such as "Lethal Weapon," "Predator 2," "Under Siege" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and another popular surfing film, the 1978 flick "Big Wednesday," which depicted the lives of California surfers in the era of the Vietnam War.

Also in 1978, Busey played the title role in the movie "The Buddy Holly Story." His performance earned him an Oscar nomination. The actor appeared at the real Buddy Holly's posthumous Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony last week.

Busey also played himself on several episodes of the hit HBO show "Entourage" and appeared in Donald Trump's reality show "The Celebrity Apprentice" earlier this year.

"Point Break" earned $83 million worldwide and earned mixed reviews by film critics but has become a cult hit since its release on July 12, 1991. Semi-improvised stage productions of the movie, called "Point Break Live!" have been put on in theatres in cities such as Seattle, New York and Los Angeles.

Swayze died in death at age 57 in 2009 after battling pancreatic cancer. A remake of the 1987 romance film "Dirty Dancing," another movie he was known for, is also currently in the works. Jennifer Grey, who played his character's love interest, expressed her excitement about the news and director Kenny Ortega said the actor's widow, Lisa, supports the project.

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