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OTRC: Hugh Jackman steps into the WWE arena, punches wrestler in the jaw

Hugh Jackman appears on 'WWE Monday Night Raw' on September 19, 2011. (WWE)

Hugh Jackman stepped into the WWE arena on Monday, September 19, during "WWE's Monday Night Raw" and showed off some of his fighting skills when he punched a wrestler in the face with a mean right hook.

The actor, who confessed he was a long-time fan of the wrestling series, was on the show to promote his upcoming film "Real Steel," which hits theaters on October 7. The film takes place in 2020, where robots have replaced humans in the boxing ring and Jackman plays a retired boxer turned small-time promoter.

During his time on "WWE's Monday Night Raw," which can be seen here, Jackman teams up with a wrestler named Zach Ryder.

"You're not an underdog man, you're delusional. You are out of your mind. You are kind of pathetic?you are perfect," Jackman tells Ryder in the WWE locker room, just before Ryder takes to the ring to fight Dolph Ziggler.

In the middle of the match, while the referee was distracted when he ejected someone out of the areana, Jackman hit Ziggler with a right hook which left the wrestler in a daze. Ryder then slammed Ziggler on the canvas and pinned him down to win the match.

Ziggler then Tweeted on Tuesday that the punch fractured his jaw and referred to Jackman as Batman, a play on the fact that the actor has played the superhero Wolverine in several films.

"MRI scheduled for 1 pm ... possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman," Ziggler wrote on his official Twitter page.

"Hairline mandibular fracture," he said in another Tweet."Guess I'll put my chipotle in a blender for a few weeks, its not ballet."

However, E! News claims that according to a source, Ziggler's Tweets are just part of his character act and the wrestler is actually fine.

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