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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews '50/50,' 'What's Your Number?' and 'Dream House'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in a scene from the 2011 film, '50/50.' (Courtesy of Summit Entertainment)

This week at the movies, Anna Faris is a little long in the tooth, an all-star cast moves into a very spooky house, and a cancer patient is hoping to beat the odds.

In "50/50," Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a young man with his whole life ahead of him when he's diagnosed with cancer. With the help of his best friend (played by Seth Rogen), he manages to deal with the disease by finding humor in unexpected places. The film also stars Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard and Anjelica Huston.

The Reel Deal: It's much more reaffirming than depressing (as cancer movies tend to be). The cast is great, it's smart and funny, and unless your heart is made of stone, your chances of loving "50/50" are 100 percent. I'm in.

A family's new home becomes their worst nightmare in "Dream House." Daniel Craig and Rachael Weisz move their family to New England for a change of pace. But they soon discover a woman and her two daughters were killed in the house, and everyone thinks the father did it. Now the killer is after Craig's family and he must discover the truth about the murder to protect those he loves. The movie also stars Naomi Watts.

The Reel Deal: Daniel Craig, Rachael Weisz and Naomi Watts together sounds like a dream, but with no screening for critics, "Dream House" is most likely a nightmare. I'm out.

Anna Faris is going through the "ex" rolodex in "What's Your Number?" Faris has played the field for so long that she's given up hope of ever finding Mr. Right. So, with the help of her hunky neighbor (played by Chris Evans) she decides to hunt down every ex-boyfriend to see if she unknowingly passed up her dream man.

The Reel Deal: It's a predictable romantic comedy with nothing new to offer. Anna Faris is charming ... not really so much anymore ... and "What's Your Number?" deserves to be 86'd. I'm out.

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