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OTRC: Carla Gugino talks nuns and 'The Mighty Macs' (Videos)

Carla Gugino and David Boreanaz talk about their upcoming film, 'The Mighty Macs', set for release October 21. (OnTheRedCarpet.com)

Carla Gugino says she knew found the right fit with her role as Cathy Rush in her new film "The Mighty Macs."

The movie, which was released on October 21, is based on the character's true story. Rush becomes the head basketball coach at Immaculata, a small, all-girls Catholic college. The team doesn't have uniforms or a gym of their own, but through perseverance and overcoming hardship, is steered to their first national championship under Rush's direction. David Boreanaz portrays her husband, Ed.

Gugino, 40, told OnTheRedCarpet.com and other press outlets in a satellite interview that she got to spend time with the real Rush.

"It's interesting because, actors often say this, but sometimes you find the right hat, and you all of a sudden know the character, or the right shoes, or a prop of some sort - but in this particular case, it was a feeling. For me at least, when I landed there and got to sit down with Cathy and got to see Immaculata, I somehow had a sense of what it was all about."

"It really was as against the odds as it seems," Gugino added. "It really was that incredible. I don't think there was anyone but her who in their mind had this even as a remote possibility and it really did take time. There was money that was scrounged together to get them on flights - all that stuff really happened, it's pretty incredible."

The actress went on to talk about the nuns who supported their school's team.

"Well, it was crazy. I saw some pictures from that time - in the bleachers you just saw tons of nuns," Gugino said. "And supposedly, some of the opposing teams were like, 'We can never beat them because they have God on their side!' The nuns really did come to the games, and I think a little bit of artistic license may have been taken with some of the cheerleading aspect of it but they were really huge fans and very vocal and I think a big reason that the team got where it got."

Gugino is known for films such as "Sin City," "Night at the Museum" and "Watchmen." Gugino also recently appeared in the Jim Carrey film, "Mr. Poppers Penguins."

"It is really exciting to be a part of movie that when you leave you really feel so good and so energized and like, it's time to go out and make changes in the world," Gugino added about "The Mighty Macs." "It really is in this time in our world right now it's a really beautiful movie to be a part of."

Watch a trailer for "The Mighty Macs" below.

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