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OTRC: George Takei shares Kim Kardashian - 'Star Trek' parody photo

Geore Takei shares a parody photo of the Kardashian sisters on his Facebook page on Nov. 7, 2011. / Kim Kardashian talks to reporters at a Los Angeles launch party for the Kardashian Kollection clothing line for Sears on Aug. 17, 2011.

George Takei does not appear to be a fan of Kim Kardashian's hit reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

The 74-year-old actor, who played Hikaru Sulu in the original "Star Trek" series in the 1960s and is known for his sense of humor, recently posted on his Facebook page a parody photo of Kardashian and what appears to be her sisters Khloe and Kourtney as characters from the "Star Trek" franchise, titled "Keeping Up With The Cardassians."

"Now THIS I would watch!" he wrote.

Takei, who has more than 122,000 followers on Facebook and more than 234,000 on Twitter, said the picture was from "a fan." The photo has long been featured on T-shirts. The Cardassians are aliens of a quasi-reptilian heritage and are known for their ridges and spoon-like mark on their foreheads.

Cardassians have appeared on episodes of the shows "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" and were usually depicted as villains, willing to side with what they perceived to be a dominant race, in a bid to strengthen their own empire. They often betrayed and deceived humans and enslaved the people of neighboring planet Bajor.

"Star Trek" fans have often joked about the similarities between the sisters' last name and the Cardassians. There is also a web series called "Keeping Up With The Cardassians."

Takei, who wed his longtime male partner in 2008 when California temporarily granted same-sex marriage licenses, had publicly poked fun at Kardashian's recent divorce filing, which made headlines worldwide and has also been parodied on NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

"Kim Kardashian files for divorce after 72 days," he Tweeted on October 31, the day the papers were submitted to a Los Angeles court. "Another example of how same-sex marriage is destroying the sanctity of the very institution."

The Kardashian sisters have not commented about Takei's remarks.

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