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OTRC: Nigel Tufnel Day is on 11/11/11 - in honor of 'Spinal Tap' character (Video)

Rob Reiner appears as Marty DiBergi and Christopher Guest appears as Nigel Tufnel in the 1984 movie 'This Is Spinal Tap.' (Spinal Tap Productions / MGM)

The date Nov. 11, 2011, or 11/11/11, has been dubbed by fans of the cult 1984 film "This Is Spinal Tap" as Nigel Tufnel Day.

Christopher Guest plays the character, the lead guitarist of a British heavy metal band, in the musical mockumentary. Rob Reiner directed the movie and also stars as fictional rock documentary director Marty DiBergi.

In what has become an iconic scene, Tufnel tells Reiner's character, when describing the power of his guitars amps: "Most blokes are going to be playing at 10. You're on 10 at your guitar, where can you go from there? Nowhere. Exactly. What we do is we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? Eleven. Exactly. One louder."

"Why don't you just make 10 louder and make 10 be the top number and make that be a little louder?" DiBergi asks.

"These go to 11," Tufnel says.

The film also stars Michael McKean as lead singer David St. Hubbins and "Simpsons" star Harry Shearer as bass player Derek Smalls. The actors have often reunited to reprise their roles in live concerts as well as for special television performances.

Fans have already created websites and Facebook pages to mark Nigel Tufnel Day. On Friday, November 11, Guest and Shearer plan to participate in a Q&A session via Skype during a screening of "This Is Spinal Tap," presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York.

Guest, who is married to actress Jamie Lee Curtis, is also known for playing Count Tyrone Rugen, the six-fingered man, in Reiner's 1987 fantasy film "The Princess Bride." Guest is also a director himself and has helmed and starred in his own mockumentaries, such as "Best In Show," "Waiting for Guffman" and "For Your Consideration."

Check out the famous "11" scene from "This Is Spinal Tap" below.

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