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OTRC: Jason Segel and Walter talk about who's a bigger 'Muppets' fan (Video)

Jason Segel and Walter talk to OnTheRedCarpet.com in a press junket for 'The Muppets.'

Jason Segel brought his own love for "The Muppets" to life not only with a movie, but with a brand new Muppet named Walter, but who is the bigger fan of the franchise?

"We debate this all the time," Segel told OnTheRedCarpet.com in a recent press junket for the film about the pair's fan boy status. "It's Walter."

"It's me," Walter agreed, before both burst out laughing.

The Muppets are a group of puppets the late Jim Henson created in the mid-1950s, which include Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rowdy "Animal." They starred in several of their own television shows throughout the years and the franchise has also spurred several films, such as "The Muppets Take Manhattan" in 1984, "Muppets from Space" in 1999.

Segel, who stars in the comedy series "How I Met Your Mother," co-wrote the script of the film. "The Muppets" also stars Emily Blunt, Mickey Rooney, British funnyman Ricky Gervais, Charles Grodin and television chef Rachael Ray. Alan Arkin, Mila Kunis, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Whoopi Goldberg, Wanda Sykes and 2012 Oscars host Billy Crystal are all set to make cameos, among others.

"Walter is a man, he's a dude, he can hang," Segel said of his new Muppet friend. "But he is very much an analog for me and my approach to making this movie. He's just a wide-eyed Muppets fan who wants to meet them so badly and when he does, he wants to help them to put on a show to bring them back to the fore-front of comedy, I guess."

In the film, Walter joins Segel and Amy Adams to bring the Muppets back from obscurity.

"I just hope people go to see it and get to see the Muppets again, frankly," Walter said. "They've been around but it's been awhile since they've been in a movie... a big screen one at least."

Segel has called the film a "labor of love" and has been a life-long puppet fan and an amateur puppeteer since he was young.

"The Muppets deserve to be in everyone's homes," Segel continued. "They changed my life growing up and it breaks my heart that there's a generation, 0-12 since the last movie was made, that hasn't had a Muppets movie in their life. That's crazy."

When asked if he had plans to work on more Muppet films, the 31-year-old actor was not shy in discussing his ambitions for the franchise.

"Well, I'm superstitious, but the goal of making this movie was to set the stage for the Muppets to make many more movies and to bring back the TV show some day, who knows," Segel said. "But we've got to see how this one goes first.

Segel told OnTheRedCarpet.com at Disney's D23 Convention in August that his house was filled with puppets and that he named Walter after his first puppet, who was an old man puppet. But what was once a hobby, has turned into something much bigger and Segel is sure fans will love Walter as much as he does.

"I think Walter is perhaps the most lovable, wonderful thing I've ever seen," Segel said, causing Walter to blush. "I think [fans] will feel the same way."

Segel rose to fame on Judd Apatow's short-lived but beloved series "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared." He has also appeared in films like "Knocked Up," "I Love You, Man" and "Bad Teacher." He also stars as Marshall Eriksen in the long-running CBS series "How I Met Your Mother."

"The Muppets" is set to hit theaters on November 23. Watch a trailer below.

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